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Product image for 'Brake Shoes MALOSSI BRAKE POWER T19 rearTitle'
Brake Shoes MALOSSI BRAKE POWER T19 rear
Part no.: M6215328
Including VAT Plus shipping
226g / Piece
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Brake Shoes MALOSSI BRAKE POWER T19 rear

  • Ø 110x25 mm
TUNING ROAD - for everyday use and Grade A - perfect repair
14 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
226g / Piece

Product description

Get the Grip! Stoppies, precision braking points and burn-outs. You do not only require a powerful motor and superior riding skills to perform these but also a set of brake shoes that are up to the challenge!


These new brake shoes produced by MALOSSI are available for use with most current scooters whether European or from the Far-east.


Although the 'Brake Power' brake shoes, made using an asbestos-free, friction optimised material supported with an aluminium-magnesium alloy frame structure, were originally developed for race use they can also be used on street-legal machines. The brand-new frictional surfaces are also environmentally friendly and have improved qualities, compared with earlier types. This current composition allows a more progressive braking action and is more enduring. The grooves, which help channel away the dust produced by the braking process, have been developed by the MALOSSI race team over four years of extensive experimentation and testing. The result impresses and their increased efficiency and performance make them a MUST for inclusion with all drum-braked scooters!


SIP-TIP : To make the cleaning and servicing of your braking assembly a lot simpler, do not forget to order brake cleaning fluid (part no. 14230000)

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 6215328 (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 4260335258170

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