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Part no.: GF1054
VAT included Plus shipping
89g / Piece
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also for brake calliper SIP
  • 49,5x39,7x6,5 mm
  • with KBA
11 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
89g / Piece
Part no.: GF1054

Product description

Brake shoes and brake discs are an oft forgotten topic in the area of tuning and servicing. The stronger the engine and the older the brake system the more important it is to optimise the brake shoes and discs. That's why we advise keeping the maintenance interval on the brake system as short as possible. With the Standard, Sport and Racing brake shoes we can offer the right pads for all purposes.


Those who only use their scooters occasionally or on the weekend should go for the low cost STANDARD brake shoes. RMS, GALFER and LUCAS supply low cost brake shoes in OEM quality. Long lifespan, excellent brake application, ideal in combination with steel and cast discs and also with the KBA number.


The SPORT brake shoes from GALFER, NEWFREN, BRAKING and MALOSSI are organic brake pads for everyday use. The following also applies here: Long lifespan, very good deceleration. The GALFER come with a KBA number.


The RACING brake shoes from GALFER and NEWFREN are semi-metal brake pads in very high quality. Its special alloy means the pad copes better with an increased development of heat and is therefore suitable for sportier riding. They have a KBA number and can be used legally in road traffic. The MALOSSI MHR are made from a carbon / metal fibre blend and are developed for racing circuits and road use: superb braking performance in dry and wet conditions; calm braking hand and cautious braking necessary. The MALOSSI MHR SYNT are made from sintered metal for extreme use and racing sports: high friction value including at low temperatures, long lifespan. High End tuning in the area of brake shoes! Pads have to be warmed up through braking.


Conclusion: Try out, test and look into different products until you find the one that best suits your needs.


SIP-TIP: Order new brake discs at the same time!

EAN Number: 8400160001534

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