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Brake Master Cylinder GRIMECA brake right for Vespa
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Part no.: 30060000
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250g / Piece
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Brake Master Cylinder GRIMECA brake right

for Vespa

  • Ø 11 mm
  • full hydraulic

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In stock
Delivery time 1-3 workdays
4 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
250g / Piece
Part no.: 30060000

Product description

A disc brake is the best present you can give to your Vespa suspension. And if you convert it to a fully hydrostatic system you're in brake heaven. The pressure point is very exact, operation is very easy, the power transmission is perfect.

We offer different master brake cylinders. The very high quality MBCs also have a very good price / performance ratio. We stock different pressure pistons. The pressure piston should be at least Ø 11mm and at a maximum, Ø 13mm. The Ø 11mm is very small and unobtrusive.

The PX`98 version is attached to the PX`98 steering wheel or a corresponding attachment, the others are attached to the throttle tube. The steering column has to be modified on all Vespa models apart from the PX'98/'MY/'11.

Main brake cylinders with radially arranged cylinders transfer the full force produced by squeezing the brake lever directly to the piston in the brakes calliper. When compared to an axially arranged type of brake pump, the braking pressure point is more exactly determinable and also the 'feel' is also improved. For these reasons and many more, these radial brake types are well established as the standard on most racing machines.


SIP community user „SIP_Australia1“: „Grimeca is always good quality! This was purchased as part of a conversion for PX200. Gone is the headstock and on goes the motorcycle handlebars, Already have the MBD gearchanger which seems to work well.“

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