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Brake Kit OTTOPUNTOUNO RADIAL right for Vespa LX/LXV/S/ ET2/ET4 50-150/125 Primavera 3V (Vietnam Modell)/PIAGGIO ZIP II/FR/SP

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Part no.: BRK028
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for Vespa LX/​LXV/​S/​ ET2/​ET4 50-150/​125 Primavera 3V (Vietnam Modell)/​PIAGGIO ZIP II/​FR/​SP

fits also in connection with conversion steering column SIP PIAGGIO ZIP SP
  • green anodised
  • incl. brake calliper, master brake cylinder, brake hose, axle seating
Race use only!

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Product description

This high-precision CNC machined axle mounting, from the OTTOPUNTOUNO range, are 'Made in Italy' and suitable for combination with the FORMULA / OTTOPUNTOUNO radially-mounted brake callipers. The inclusion of a radial brake calliper to your set up provides the braking power of a modern race motorbike, including stoppies! The main advantages of this axle mounting is that the components are set up perfectly to match the weight and function of a scooter. Contrary to the design of some aftermarket brake disc systems, the OTTOPUNTOUNO axle mounting with matching brake calliper does not only deliver impressive braking values, but also provides an extremely sporty race-look.


Delivery includes pre-mounted, high-end bearings.


SIP – TIP : Do not forget to order either of the BRK00200/BRK00210 brake callipers separately. The caliper has a hose-connection of 8mm, please do not forget the right banjo bolt BRK02200.


This CNC machined axle mounting is produced by OTTOPUNTOUNO (8.1) to enable the attachment of their radially mounted brake calliper kit. A radial front brake raises the braking performance of your scooter to that of a modern sports motorcycle. The original speedometer drive can no longer be fitted in combination with this brake upgrade.

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