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Product Image for 'Brake Fluid FUCHS MAINTAIN DOT4 HT syntheticTitle'
Brake Fluid FUCHS MAINTAIN DOT4 HT synthetic
Product No.: 30021200
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$10.12 / Liter 1,2kg / Piece
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Product Image for 'Brake Fluid FUCHS MAINTAIN DOT4 HT syntheticTitle'
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Brake Fluid FUCHS MAINTAIN DOT4 HT synthetic

  • 1000ml
  • High Quality

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$10.12 / Liter 1,2kg / Piece

Product description

Brake fluids are special hydraulic liquids that transmit the force applied to the brake lever to the brake master cylinder. The demands placed upon these liquids are tough:

  • A high boiling point means more safety, especially under extreme conditions such as hot temperatures.
  • A minimal lowering of this boiling point when water is absorbed into the fluid (high wet boiling point).
  • Optimal corrosion protection properties.
  • Comprehensive compatibility with all brake system component materials, such as plastics, rubber and metals.

Due to the liquids inevitable absorption of water from the air (hygroscopic) all hydraulic brake systems should have the brake fluid checked and/or replaced at least every two years.


The FUCHS Premium MAINTAIN DOT 4 LV and MAINTAIN DOT 4 HT are high performance fluids suitable for the hydraulic brake systems found in two-wheelers, cars and trucks which either fulfil or even surpass the demands and requirements placed upon these essential liquids in normal use.


The MAINTAIN DOT 4 LV is a premium standard performance brake fluid and is ideal for use with advanced modern braking systems due to its minimal viscosity. To make this clear the 'LV' in its title stands for 'Low Viscosity'. This high-tech liquid solution can only be bettered by another fluid in the FUCHS range – the MAINTAIN DOT 4 HT (High Temperature). The HT appendage refers to its main strength, where the extraordinarily high boiling point of this performance liquid facilitates an improved braking force, enduring consistency and additional safety. This fluid is also compatible for use with DOT 3 rated braking systems.


Specifications Maintain DOT 4 LV:

FMVSS NR. 116 DOT 3/4

ISO 4925 CLASS 3/4/6

JIS K2233 CLASS 3/4/6

SAE J 1703/1704


Specifications Maintain DOT 4 HT:

FMVSS NR. 116 DOT 3/4

ISO 4925 CLASS 3/4

JIS K2233 CLASS 3/4

SAE J1703/J1704


Conclusion: It is essential to regularly check and maintain the performance of all components of hydraulic brake systems and also change the brake fluid at least every two years!


SIP – TIP: Useful tools such as a brake bleeding device make changing the brake fluid a lot quicker and easier!

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