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Brake Drum SIP, front or rear for Vespa 125 V1-15/V30-33/VU/VM/VN/VNA/Hoffmann/VNB/ACMA/150 VL/VB/VBA/VBB
Part no.: 23208710
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1,2kg / Piece
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Brake Drum SIP, front or rear

for Vespa 125 V1-15/​V30-33/​VU/​VM/​VN/​VNA/​Hoffmann/​VNB/​ACMA/​150 VL/​VB/​VBA/​VBB

for conversion to 9"/​10"
  • steel
  • black
  • for closed 9"/10" rim
  • CNC machined
Suspension RACE - first-class and Grade AA - first-class repair
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VAT included Free shipping
1,2kg / Piece
Part no.: 23208710

Product description

Brake drum from SIP PERFORMANCE for the conversion of 8 inch oldies to 9 or 10 inch.


With the SIP 9" rims and the SIP PERFORMANCE9" brake drum, it is possible to convert the brakes of your 8" vintage Vespa with 125-127 mm inner diameter, to real 150 mm inner diameter like e.g. up to the later PX Vespas. This increases the elevation of the braking power to the level of modern Vespas.

  • Improved braking performance for vintage Vespas
  • Improved driving stability
  • Suitable for 9 and 10 inch Rims

Simply replace the wheels, brake drums and brake pads with the larger ones and fit different dust covers at the front and rear. Originally there was a similar brake tuning on the Sei-Giorni models "Vespa Sport". These ran on very special 8" rims, which are unfortunately no longer available.


Upgrading to 9 or 10 inch is generally worthwhile because it improves driving stability considerably. In addition, larger wheels are less sensitive to road irregularities, e.g., potholes. The 9-inch conversion is a good compromise because it increases the driving stability compared to 8 inch, but the appearance remains largely original.

Suitable for 9 and 10 inches

SIP Scootershop has taken up the 9" rims of the ACMA-GL 150 models and has them re-cast as aluminium tubeless rims. For this we have 9" tyres produced, in three different cross-sections: 2.75, 3.00 and 3.50. And this brake drum for conversion to 9"/10" fits perfectly.


Attention: Original ACMA 150 GL models only have normal 8" brakes (127 mm inner diameter). Our 150 mm conversion brake drums do not fit under the original 9" sheet metal rims (two-piece), only under our 9" tubeless rims.


Of course, the brake drum also fits perfectly under the closed 10" rims of the Vespa GS 150 models; both in steel two-piece and under our one-piece precision aluminium rims. As a little gimmick, the combination with both the SIP 9" rim and the SIP 10" rim, as with the old racing Vespas, means that the gear ratio can be varied by simply changing the wheel.


Note: A 2.75-9" tyre is slightly smaller in rolling circumference than a 3.50-8"; a 3.50-9" tyre is slightly larger in rolling circumference than a 3.50-8".


Conclusion: With this SIP Brake Drum, effective and simple brake tuning in original look is possible.

We recommend - SIP TIP for this brake drum:

OEM numbers (for comparisons): (PIAGGIO)

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