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Brake Disc NEWFREN front for PIAGGIO Hexagon 125-150
Part no.: DF4005A
VAT included Plus shipping
620g / Piece
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Brake Disc NEWFREN front

for PIAGGIO Hexagon 125-150

  • w/o brake pads
2 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
620g / Piece
Part no.: DF4005A

Product description

Get a grip on yourself - and your scooter! Motor performance and piloting are just the beginning. Control is the word, Brake Pads and Brake Discs are the tools.

Brake linings and discs are often forgotten when maintenance is done. Tuning is usually connected with faster, higher, further, etc. Scooters love to be tuned and pampered with high tech instruments, but mundane servicing has it‘s real place as well.

The stronger the motor and the older your braking system, the greater the necessity to make sure you optimize your linings and discs. That‘s why we recommend when you make pit stops, that you check your brake system and make adjustments as needed.

As a matter of principle, for those who occasionally go out on week end excursions, STANDARD brake discs are adequate for the purpose.


NEWFREN make brake discs out of stainless steel with absolute fit due to smallest manufacture tolerances. Best price/performance ratio. These are ideal to replace the original discs.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 271122 (PIAGGIO)
EAN Number: 8025832155140

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