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Product Image for 'Brake Cleaner MASTERCARE/​REPSTARTitle'
Product No.: 14230000
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$7.20 / Liter 471g / Piece
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Product Image for 'Brake Cleaner MASTERCARE/​REPSTARTitle'
Product Image for 'Brake Cleaner MASTERCARE/​REPSTARTitle'
Product Image for 'Brake Cleaner MASTERCARE/​REPSTARTitle'
Product Image for 'Brake Cleaner MASTERCARE/​REPSTARTitle'
Product Image for 'Brake Cleaner MASTERCARE/​REPSTARTitle'
Product Image for 'Brake Cleaner MASTERCARE/​REPSTARTitle'


  • 500ml
  • spray
highly flammable, pressurized container - may explode if heated, harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects, causes skin irritation

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25 ratings
Plus shipping
$7.20 / Liter 471g / Piece

Product description

Anyone who maintains their carburettor and air filter occasionally will enjoy them for far longer. The DELL'ORTO carburettor cleaner drives away damp and oil residues as well as dirt. Simply add half a bottle to 7-10 litres of petrol every 1,500km. The DELL'ORTO Jetspray, in contrast, is developed for the external cleaning of carburettors and quickly removes dirt. Another classic – not only for cleaning of carburettors – is the 'all rounder' of brake cleaners. This thoroughly removes grease and oil from all metals. It is ideal as a preparation for sealing compound or for cleaning brake discs, carburettor and engine components. The best thing to clean the air filter with is Castrol Foam Air Filter Cleaner, a fast drying cleaning fluid for all types of scooter and motorcycle filters that are made from plastic foam and metal mesh. The PUTOLINE Action Fluid also increases the air flow and effectiveness of all air filters. Perfect if it is subjected to a lot of dust and dirt!


Conclusion: All you need to clean and care for carburettors and air filters.


Service lubricants lick your scooter into shape. As brake cleaner und copper paste are a must in every workshop, we do not use run of the mill products but only high quality products. Rusty tank? Thanks to the KREEM Tank prep and sealer kit, the old tank will be like new in no time.

EAN Number: 42603352507263

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macht nen guten Job, reinigt sehr gut.


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