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Bolt-On Spikes tyre M6x15 mm, SITEK
Part no.: 10315615
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490g / Piece
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Bolt-On Spikes tyre M6x15 mm, SITEK

  • AF 6mm
  • stainless steel
  • 250 pieces

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VAT included Free shipping
490g / Piece
Part no.: 10315615

Product description

Screw-in ice spikes for an optimal grip in icy and slippery conditions.


If you wish to ride your scooter or motorcycle during a hard Winter, tyre spikes are essential for grip between the tyres and the road.

  • Zinc-plated.
  • Tempered.
  • Made in Germany

These screw-in ice spikes are screwed into the raised sections of a tyres tread profile. We recommend the use of off-road knobblies for sufficient attachment material volume. They each possess a centrally located hardened spike, surrounded by a zinc-plated steel jacket.


Between 50 and 250 spikes can be applied to each tyre, depending on the size and type used. A 10” off-road knobbly tyre accepts around 75 spikes. Please note that tyres equipped with such spikes are not certified for legal road use in Germany and many other countries.


Conclusion: A set of ice spikes makes any two-wheeler fit for icy and slippery conditions!

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