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Product image for 'Bearing Set crankshaft MALOSSI 25x38x15/ 25x62x12 mm 6615466Title'
Bearing Set crankshaft MALOSSI 25x38x15/ 25x62x12 mm 6615466 for Vespa 125 GTR 2°/TS 2°/150 Sprint V 2°/Super 2°/Rally/PX80-200/PE/Lusso/Cosa
Part no.: M6615466
VAT included Plus shipping
€75.00 / Paar 250g / Pair
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Bearing Set crankshaft MALOSSI 25x38x15/ 25x62x12 mm 6615466

for Vespa 125 GTR 2°/​TS 2°/​150 Sprint V 2°/​Super 2°/​Rally/​PX80-200/​PE/​Lusso/​Cosa

  • with polyamide cage
OEM number(s): 6615466 (MALOSSI)
One rating
VAT included Plus shipping
€75.00 / Paar 250g / Pair
Part no.: M6615466

Product description

Regrettably, the quality of the crankshaft bearings is often underestimated when it comes to motor tuning projects. This is in spite of the fact that the crankshaft that they support is one of the hardest working components of the two-stroke motor!


To help remedy this MALOSSI have, in collaboration with the engineers at SKF, developed a range of high-performance ball-bearings. To easily satisfy the highest standards they are constructed using needle-bearing grade stainless steel. The main differences to other bearings produced by SKF for scooter motors are the larger diameter bearing rollers and the partially carbon-nitrated inner ring. These features lead to a smoother running motor, especially noticeable at high revs. High revving motors can fail prematurely due to excessive heat expansion of standard grade bearings. The MALOSSI bearings are available with a standard internal bearing clearance (CN) and also C3 and C4 (larger than standard internal clearance) grades. These items are, in the most cases, equipped with a polyamide bearing cage but sometimes possess steel or brass cages.


MALOSSI bearing code guide :


STD = Standard internal bearing clearance (CN).

C3 = Larger than standard internal bearing clearance with polyamide cage.

C4 = Larger than C3 internal bearing clearance, with polyamide cage.

C3H = C3 internal bearing clearance, with a pressed and tempered steel-plate snap-cage.

C3M = C3 internal bearing clearance, with a ball-bearing base construction and brass cage.

TN9 = Bearing cage made of polyamide.

ETN9 = 'E' signifies a modern style of construction.


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order the suitable PTFE crankshaft oil-seals, also produced by MALOSSI!

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 6615466 (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 4260438373527

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