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Product image for 'Badge "Vespa GS" legshield frontTitle'
Badge "Vespa GS" legshield front for Vespa 150 GS VS1-5T (e) , Export models
Part no.: 93534200
Including VAT Plus shipping
12g / Piece
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Product image for 'Badge "Vespa GS" legshield frontTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Badge "Vespa GS" legshield frontTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Badge "Vespa GS" legshield frontTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Badge "Vespa GS" legshield frontTitle'
Product image for 'Badge "Vespa GS" legshield frontTitle'
Product image for 'Badge "Vespa GS" legshield frontTitle'

Badge "Vespa GS" legshield front

for Vespa 150 GS VS1-5T (e) , Export models

  • 140x45 mm
  • (th) 0,85mm
  • brass
  • chrome
  • fixation: 9 rivets
Grade A - original restoration
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Including VAT Plus shipping
12g / Piece

Product description

Emblems, model badges and logos represent the icing on the cake of any scooters appearance.


A scooter without a manufacturers logo is like an artists masterpiece without a signature, unthinkable! They allow even the uninitiated to recognise and identify a true design icon. Once these prominent indications have worn or aged, its high time to renew these eye-catching representatives of your scooters identity!

If you prefer a 100% factory look, then their choice becomes complicated. Sometimes the decals and logos were changed by PIAGGIO within the individual model types. To ensure the correct choice of the scooters original badges we sort them according to the VIN of each particular Vespa model. Additionally we also describe the differences between them.

Varying badge fixing methods

If your badge was attached using rivets, then we inform you how many and also the number of fixing holes in the badge. Badges with pins are also riveted to the legshields. Here, we describe the amount of pins and the spacing of the fixing holes. They can be arranged horizontally or diagonally across the legshields. If the holes are not at the same height to another, the logo is than mounted diagonally, for both types of attachment with rivets, we have special adapters available for our riveter pliers, to ensure perfect mounting.

Some logos were just held with adhesive tape and others, for example the Vespa ´U´, only applied with paint. The logos of newer models are made of a flexible plastic material and use a self-adhesive fixing.

The right choice of colour makes a real difference.

In the fifties Vespa logos were either chromed or just painted. Then came the midnight blue types, which were almost black, to accompany them. From the mid-sixties the colours were changed to silver/polished aluminium. In the seventies they said farewell to the typical Vespa logo and the title was now horizontal and in small case. The traditional Vespa logo first reappeared with the introduction of the modern automatic range of Vespa models and also with the PX revival model, the PX ´98. If you are attempting a factory restoration pay attention to our suitability rating, ´Grade 1 - OE restoration'. These items come from small and intensive production runs. The more economic varieties can be found in the ´Grade A- perfect repair', which are for example black and not midnight blue, or only adhesive decals instead of self-adhesive metal items. We also have colours available that PIAGGIO did not use, but provide a more coordinated appearance with certain customised paint work. These are titled as ´Accessories - very attractive´ to avoid confusion.


Alongside the fixings we also list the width, length thickness of each logo type.


Conclusion: Whether the perfect finishing touch for a factory restoration or as an eye-catcher on custom projects, the correct logo is an absolute must-have item!

Do not forget - our SIP-TIP:

  • SIP riveter for perfect mounting
  • The suitable riveter adapter (13104200) for logos with pin attachments.
  • The riveter adapter set for all riveted logos (#13104100).
  • Do not forget to order new badges for the rear of the frame and sidepanels!

For this lettering following rivets are necessary: art. no. 13109000

OEM numbers (for comparisons): (PIAGGIO) V14100-1 (Mauro Pascoli)

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