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Part no.: M389741
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Part no.: M389741

Product description

Is it all in your head? The High Turbulence Squish Racing (HTSR)cylinder heads produced by MALOSSI possess an optimised combustion chamber and a newly calculated squish area. Together these lead to a noticeable increase in performance compared with previous cylinder head designs. Thanks to a special aluminium alloy an adequate thermal transfer can still be achieved, despite a narrower squish band clearance. In addition the cooling surface area of the fins has also been increased on the air-cooled types. Leakage between the cylinder head and the cylinder itself is virtually eliminated due to the inclusion of a heat-resistant Viton 'O'-ring in the design of the gasket surface. Since their introduction all MALOSSI cylinders are now delivered with a suitable HTSR cylinder head included.


Conclusion: The technology concerned in the development and production of the MALOSSIHTSR cylinder heads is the current state-of-the-art. They replace the existing cylinder heads 1:1 and help to a rapid 'plug & play' increase in performance.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 38 9741 (MALOSSI)
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