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Airstop Spray MOTUL Reifenpilot "MC CARE P3 TYRE REPAIR"

  • 300ml
  • for Scooter, Quad and Motorbike tyres

Extremely flammable

This product fits on almost all products

2 ratings
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€51.67 / Litres 290g / Piece
Part no.: 81052000

Product description

MOTUL'P3 Tyre Repair' is a liquid sealant contained in an aerosol can. It temporarily repairs and fills leaky tyres without having to remove them or indeed require the use of any tools at all. The defective inner-tube or tyre should not be torn open or detached from the wheels rim for this product to function effectively. The formula of the sealant is based on latex and is so completely compatible with the material of all commonly available inner-tubes and tyres. Suitable for use with scooters, quads and motorcycle tyres, with or without inner tubes.


The damaged tyre requires the pre-warmed (in cold weather conditions only) and freshly shaken can of MOTUL P3 Tyre repair to be screwed firmly onto the tyres valve using the threaded adapter included at the end of the cans filler tube. The protective tab should then be removed and the button pressed on the can until the tyre is suitably re-inflated. Remove the can from the valve and check/adjust the tyres pressure so you can continue your journey, slowly at first to allow the sealant to be distributed evenly around the internal surface of the damaged tube or tyre. The repair facilitated by this product is not permanent and the treated tyre and/or tube requires replacement at the next possible opportunity!

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