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Adjusting Nut M5 mm, brake front, SIP

for Vespa PX80-200 E Lusso/​T5

  • h 14,0mm

Grade 1 - perfect repair
OEM number(s): 179641 out of production (PIAGGIO)
11 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
15g / Piece
Part no.: 17964100

Product description

The adjustable nuts enabling manual adjustment of the front brake, newly produced for SIP.


These knurled nuts became standard equipment on all Vespa PX Lusso models. They were part of the newly-conceived front brake assembly, which was a vast improvement over the type fitted to earlier PX models. Drum brakes have a leading brake shoe and a trailing brake shoe. The leading shoe is pressed outwards during braking in the same direction as the wheel is rotating which drags the shoe harder into the drum, making it responsible for the greater braking force of the two shoes. Consequently it is essential that the shoes are properly aligned within the drums for effective braking. During the production changeover from the classic PX to the upgraded Lusso models PIAGGIO first provided a thicker 20mm front axle pin to replace the 16mm version, then they turned their attention to updating the front brake mechanism. The Lusso version was now equipped with a floating operation cam, allowing accurate alignment within the brake assembly. This improved the braking performance considerably. The brake cable was also renewed, with a threaded end and knurled nut. This enabled manual adjustment of the front brake.


Some models produced during this transitional period had the new larger axle pin, but were still fitted with the outdated brake mechanism. These models can easily be upgraded by fitting a Lusso brake assembly, increasing its performance noticeably!


SIP – TIP: Do not forget to also order the SIP performance brake cable and shoes for an optimised braking performance!

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 179641 out of production (PIAGGIO)

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