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Product Image for 'Adaptor MALOSSI for oversize brake disc F32STitle'
Adaptor MALOSSI for oversize brake disc F32S
Product No.: M189800
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Adaptor MALOSSI for oversize brake disc F32S


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Product description

The description for Adaptor MALOSSI for oversize brake disc F32S is currently in progress.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 18 9800 (MALOSSI)

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Product fits

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Brake Disc MALOSSI for MALOSSI F32S fork WHOOP
Art-No.: M6212605
Art-No.: M469552
Fork Kit MALOSSI, F32S
Art-No.: M4613086
Brake Disc MALOSSI for MALOSSI fork F32S/F37R WHOOP
Art-No.: M6217456

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