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4-Stroke Oil MALOSSI 7.1 Sport 10W-30
Part no.: M7614052
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€13.90 / Litres 1,000g / Piece
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4-Stroke Oil MALOSSI 7.1 Sport 10W-30

  • 1000ml
  • full synthetic
OEM number(s): 7614052B (1) - 7614053 (6) - 7614054 (72) (MALOSSI)

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VAT included Plus shipping
€13.90 / Litres 1,000g / Piece
Part no.: M7614052

Product description

Engine oils for modern 4-stroke Engines should first and foremost have the best possible lubricity under all loads and temperatures. In addition, 4-stroke engines require other important quality properties, such as coefficient of friction (JASO NORM), oil sludge prevention, cleaning effect and compatibility with Engine Gaskets. Together with a renowned German manufacturer, MALOSSI has developed various engine oil lines especially for 4-stroke engines.


SX (5W-40/10W-30/10W-40/15W-50/)

Fully synthetic Engine oil, especially for use in modern motorcycle and scooter engines with dry clutches or separately lubricated gearboxes. It offers excellent thermal stability and shear stability over a wide temperature range, with higher anti-rust and anti-wear properties. The JASO MB specification indicates a special anti-friction property. Can also be used in scooter engines as a low-friction oil. Can be used with Catalytic Converter exhaust systems. Extends the life of the Catalytic Converter, reduces fuel consumption and emissions. A multigrade oil that allows optimum engine performance and easier starts all year round.

Specifications/approvals: API SG/SH/SJ, JASO MB


RX (5W-40/10W-50)

Ester-based four-stroke engine oil. Particularly suitable for Engines with oil bath clutches (wet clutch). With JASO MA marking which is specified by PIAGGIO as a factory specification. Provides a reliable level of wear protection for heavily loaded components and ensures excellent cleanliness of Pistons, Piston Rings, combustion chambers and Spark Plug. These benefits lead to a long Engine life and performance retention.

Specifications/approvals: API SG/SH/SJ, JASO MA


SBX (10W-40)

Synthetic Engine oil after HC synthesis. The base oil obtained for this purpose is produced by the hydrocracking process. In this process, the crude oil is split by adding hydrogen. This leads to better properties such as lubrication, engine cleaning and protection. Consumption is also reduced. Can be used with Catalytic Converter Engines.

Specifications/approvals: API SG/SH/SJ, JASO MA


RBX (5W-40)

Fully synthetic 4-stroke oil for highly loaded Engines. The low viscosity leads to better lubrication, which has a particularly positive effect in the power range. During production, particular attention was paid to the adhesion of the lubricating film to the engine components. The Engine oil achieved outstanding values here.

Specifications/approvals: API SG/SH/SJ, JASO MA, MA2


SIP TIP: When changing the oil, always replace the Oil Filter at the same time. Malossi has the MALOSSI "Red Chilli" in its range for this purpose!

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 7614052B (1) - 7614053 (6) - 7614054 (72) (MALOSSI)

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