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2-Stroke Oil MALOSSI 7.1 Sport SAE 20W-30

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€11.99 / Litres 900g / Piece
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2-Stroke Oil MALOSSI 7.1 Sport SAE 20W-30

  • 1 pcs
  • 1000ml

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€11.99 / Litres 900g / Piece

Product description

MALOSSI  2-stroke fuel oils offer good performance at higher power outputs, help reduce component wear while increasing exhaust life, help increase power, leave a virtually residue-free combustion chamber and also reduce overall motor noise levels. All these features in just one oil? Not quite... MALOSSI have a range of performance motor fuel oils, each tailored to cater for various levels of power output and field of use.


2-stroke oil MALOSSI 7.1 Sport.

MALOSSI advertise this semi-synthetic fuel oil as one designed for everyday use in standard motor set-ups. It is identical to the tried and tested MALOSSI 7.3 two-stroke oil, only the name has been changed. This oil type has been successfully proven on many motors, with both air and liquid cooled cylinders, for many years. MALOSSI also informed us that this oil leaves little or no residue in your motor, prolonging the working life of all moving components and also the exhaust! Lead-free petrol compatible, SAE 20W-30


2-stroke oil MALOSSI 7.1 Racing

As its moniker may suggest, this fully synthetic oil is one for the racers! The inclusion of special additives makes the MALOSSI 7.1 Racing oil suitable for race orientated motor set-ups and receives exclusive use in the popular MALOSSI CUP race series scooters engines. Lead-free petrol compatible, SAE 20W-30.


2-stroke oil MALOSSI 7.1 Top Racing

High performance fuel oil on a fully synthetic basis with a viscosity rating of SAE 40. The MALOSSI 7.1 Top Racing also contains special motor lubrication additives that reduce overall friction while guaranteeing a sufficient film of oil between all moving components. This exclusive oil type is recommended for use with high-revving, race orientated motors and is compatible with all petrol types. SAE 40/API TC/JASO FC/JSO L-EDG.


SIP Customer 'YamahaAerox24PS' :

“A must have item if you have tuned your scooter! It reduces component wear and minimises residues!!”


SIP Customer 'Optima-3' :

“I haven't been producing exhaust smoke or internal residues and the overall lubrication performance has improved since I started using the fuel oil from MALOSSI”


SIP-TIP : All MALOSSI fuel oils are also available in high value for money multi-packs (6-72 pcs). Do not forget to order a SIP measuring jug if you 'mix your own'.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 76 8231B (1) - 76 8231S (6) - 7612015 (72) (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 42602678104958

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