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2-Stroke Oil ENI i-Ride scooter 2T
Part no.: 14403100
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€29.60 / Litres 120g / Piece
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2-Stroke Oil ENI i-Ride scooter 2T

  • 125ml
  • Tube
  • scale 2%, 3% for liter, with cap

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VAT included Plus shipping
€29.60 / Litres 120g / Piece
Part no.: 14403100

Product description

ENI i-Ride scooter 2t is a low smoke formulated lubricant based on synthetic components for the latest 2-stroke engines of Scooter and bikes. It is suitable for the application in air and water cooled engines.

  • Eni i-Ride scooter 2t is formulated so that in the normal as well as in the short-distance travel the formation of deposits is minimised in the combustion chamber and in the exhaust gas system. Simultaneously the spark-bridge formation is reduced.

  • At the selection of the base oils great importance had been attached on a low smoke combustion.

  • The product has excellent self-mixing properties which ensures a fast mixture with the fuel, but is also best suitable for the application in engines with oil-injection systems.

  • Eni i-Ride scooter 2t provides an excellent protection of the engine from corrosion, rust and wear.

Eni i-Ride scooter 2t is suitable for the application at mixed and separate lubrication in Scooter and bikes under normal operational conditions.


Eni i-Ride scooter 2t meets the following specifications and approvals:



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