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11815 SLIDE 50/1
Part no.: MB11815B501
VAT included Plus shipping
114g / Piece
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11815 SLIDE 50/1

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VAT included Plus shipping
114g / Piece
Part no.: MB11815B501

Product description

If the slide is a little, a negative pressure occurs which means the petrol is sucked upwards through the mixer tube. While the mixer tube and needle determine the quantity of petrol, the throttle slide controls the amount of air which is added. The throttle slides of the DELL`ORTO VHS series are fitted with different sized cutaways. The bigger this cutaway is the more air is added to the petrol. The mix that then results is correspondingly leaner than that on the throttle slides with a small cutaway. We stock DELL`PROT throttle slides for the VHSV and VHSV Racing carburettors from 40-50, the slides for the VHSH 30 Racing carburettors from 30-60 and the throttle slides for the VHST 26-28 from 40-55.


Conclusion: Together with the mixer tube and needle, necessary under all circumstances for optimum tuning in the partial load range.


SIP-TIP: Don´t forget to order the carburettor gasket set (e.g. part no 92064000).

OEM numbers (for comparisons): B11815B501 (MALOSSI)
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