25 years SIP Scootershop

Ralf and Alex in front of the first shop in Hessenstraße in Kaufering in 1994


It's been a quarter of a century since we founded SIP Scootershop in a garage. The first goods were stored between Alex's father's beehives. For lack of staff, we took the parcels to the post office ourselves by Vespa. Those were the days ...

A lot has happened in the past two and a half decades: We have made many right and some wrong decisions. We met people who became our friends. We have been able to look at the subject of "motor scooters" from the most diverse angles. There were exhausting moments when we sat in front of the keyboard at two o'clock in the night in the cold former barracks in Erpftinger Straße with jackets and gloves and thought up descriptive texts for the next catalogue. There were moments
of greatest happiness, for example on road trips with friends and co-workers, when we arrived at the seaside after 1000 km of driving, with road dirt in our faces, and toasted with an ice-cold beer. We laughed, pondered, celebrated and mourned together. This chronicle tells of these stories, shows milestones in SIP's history and reports on the big and small things that have made us the company we are today. In the future, too, we would like to achieve the balancing act that has been important to us over the past 25 years: on the one hand, to be an efficient, modern company and, on the other hand, to be an authentic, honest family business. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our employees for their commitment and passion. We would also like to thank all our customers for their trust and loyalty to our brand over the years. Without you, there would be no SIP Scootershop.
We hope to welcome and meet as many of you as possible at our events in the coming years. Here's to the next 25 years!

Have fun with the SIP Chronicle 1994-2019 and wish you an accident-free scooter season
Ralf & Alex
SIP Scootershop
Landsberg in autumn 2019


Winter fun around the SIP Scootershop Headquarters in February 2021

The year 2021 started with a lot of fun: we built spikes on 2 Vespas and milled through the snowy landscape around the building, more about that in the blog - including video.

Yes, and then we were nominated: for the Best Workspaces Award 2022 - we are very excited about the outcome. But everyone who works for us knows anyway that we have exceptionally great workplaces in our new company building.

2021 was the anniversary year for VESPA: 1946-2021, that is 75 years old, the elegant sensual lady from Pontedera. We have a nice blog about it and wish her another happy birthday and a very long life!

Also in 2022 we have built a custom Vespa, this time a Vespa Rally 200 as a real everyday vehicle, but still extraordinary. Enjoy reading here in the blog and watching the pictures and video.

And despite the Corona, we also went on a SIP Vespa Road Trip to sunny southern France. There is a detailed report, many pictures and a SIP TV video.

The 2021 scooter season actually ended for us with the roll-off in Augsburg in sunny but cold autumn weather. Once again a great opportunity to meet many familiar faces and put some extra kilometres on the speedometer. Here are the report, many nice pictures and a small SIP TV video.

We are looking forward to the 2022 scooter season!


Keep your distance - keep together!

The year 2020 will go down in the history books as the year of the Corona Pandemic. Fortunately, we at SIP Scootershop were not affected by a closure and, thanks to generous stockpiling, were able to deliver very well throughout the year. Unfortunately, some much-loved events fell victim to the infection control, e.g. our Open Day in May or the SIP Joyride in July. Next year, however, the EXCITEMENT will be all the greater!

At least our annual SIP Vespa Road Trip could take place at the beginning of August, this time we drove with 21 SIP team members on old Vespas to Corsica - a dream tour. We have brought you a detailed report, many pictures and a SIP TV video.


SIP Scootershop turns a quarter of a century old. What started in a garage in 1994 is now celebrating its 25th birthday! In addition to the printed chronicle in a collector's edition, there will be an Open Day to mark the anniversary, a 2nd edition of the TACHO KARACHO acceleration race, a joyride around the Ammersee in July and a scooter pilgrimage in September.

In limited editions, there will also be great anniversary products to mark 25 years of SIP Scootershop: the handmade helmets at 70s Helmets, thethe 25 years SIP T-Shirtsthe the high quality handmade enamel badgethe patch and of course the sticker in the shape of the Piaggio 6-corner. Have fun with it! Here's to another 25 years of performance & style!

The SIP Vespa Road Trip took us to the Champagne region of France in 2019! As usual, we brought along a SIP TV video:


For all those who come to us personally with the scooter, there is the SIP passport sticker in the style of an alpine pass badge. Ask for it at the counter with your helmet under your arm! In addition to the Open Day, there will also be a Dealer Day for selected trade customers for the first time. A whole SIP collection of clothing for scooter riders will be launched, T-shirts, hoodies, socks. The first After Work Aperitivo takes place in the SIPERIA, from now on always once a month on Thursdays from 5 pm. Under the name TACHO KARACHO, the first DBM acceleration race takes place directly in front of our building. In the Italian Scooter Championship TROFEO MALOSSI, SIP is the first foreign racing team ever to win the Northern Championship.


In 2017, the 2nd SIP Open Day will already take place at the new location in Marie-Curie-Str. 4 in Landsberg.

The poster from SIP Open Day 2017
SIP Open Day 2017


SIP introduces the SIP PRIMO shipping option for customers in Germany and Austria: the principle is simple, pay an annual fee of 20 euros once and order free of shipping costs for twelve months. In addition, every shipment is sent as a SIP express shipment, and there is a one-off gift of 1 litre of oil as a welcome present.

In March, the big move into the new building goes surprisingly smoothly with many night shifts and a great team. SIP Scootershop now has more than 4x as much space as at the old location and a 300sqm flagship store with an Italian bar / pizzeria called SIPERIA. Modern logistics, the large warehouse, modern light-flooded workplaces make the company fit for the future. A Grand Opening inaugurates the building for the public in May, 1,400 visitors, friends and customers come.

The SIP Open Day in May 2016
SIP Open Day 2016


The planning has been going on for two years, the ground-breaking ceremony was held in May and the topping-out ceremony for the new logistics and administration building, about 1 km away from the old location in Graf-Zeppelin-Straße in Landsberg, took place in September. The steadily increasing need for space, especially for goods but also for the now almost 100 employees, made the complete new building urgently necessary. With the architect's office Ott from Augsburg, SIP once again found a competent planner for industrial and commercial construction.

The shell of the new SIP administration and logistics building in summer 2015


20 years of SIP Scootershop, who would have thought that when Alex and Ralf built out Ralf's parents' basement room to start the first steps in scooter parts sales there and at various scooter meetings? SIP exhibits for the first time at INTERMOT in Cologne, directly opposite the PIAGGIO stand. In the same year, SIP was verified as a manufacturer by the Kraftfahrtbundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority), which opened up the possibility of developing products with ABE or parts certificates.

SIP Open Day May 2014


In addition to the new customer magazine Curve, which will be published for the first time in summer 2013, SIP Scootershop is also working hard in the area of events. While the SIP team welcomed around 1,500 international guests to the Motorscooter Customshow in Landsberg in spring, the visit to the EICMA (for the first time as an exhibitor) successfully rounded off the year. In summer 2013, the SIP shop in Landsberg gets a completely new interior with lots of old wood and even more love.

Vespa launches the 946 model in a limited edition.


SIP introduces the first digital speedometer/tachometer for Vespa PX, with many more models and more features to follow.


The team worked on it for one and a half years. In 2012 it finally arrived: the SIP Scootershop Classic catalogue. 940 pages packed with products, technology, pictures... the 'SIP bible' appears in German and English - and because it was so good, an own-products, Lambretta and Modern Vespa catalogue follows in the following months. The SIP Classic Catalogue is awarded "Catalogue of the Year" at NEOCOM 2016.Here you can download the 2012 Classic Catalogue as a PDF file..


The coming years are marked by increasing internationalisation. After the USA and Asia, SIP boss Ralf travels to Russia. On a Vespa mission, of course. Other team members are also keen to travel and go on a scooter tour together for a week every summer. To Italy, France, Croatia, Sardinia, Spain, Austria. Switzerland ... only to come home with the same realisation every time: No matter where you go, the love of Vespa and Lambretta unites people all over the world. To take this into account, the SIP webshop goes online in 10 languages in 2011.

SIP Vespa Road Trip Croatia


The topic of scooter cross is also topical in 2010, with teams forming in the SIP Team to build scooters suitable for off-road use. Demons of Scootercross takes place at the motocross track near Landsberg, a real battle of material....


In 2009, Landsberg not only celebrates the 15th anniversary of the company, but also looks to the future, because a close cooperation with one of the most important suppliers of high-quality accessories and tuning is planned for the following year: SIP Scootershop is to take over the exclusive import of MALOSSI for Germany. In the same year, things will be more down-to-earth at the Scooter Cross Landsberg. The SIP team ventured off-road for the first time and organised a Scooter Cross race in Landsberg.

In the same year, there is a small stand at the Amerivespa in Los Gatos, California.

Ralf at the Amerivespa 2009 in California, USA


There is a SIP TV video of the Rollerkö Augsburg rolling on from 2008 - enjoy!


2007 brings an expansion of 600sqm high-bay warehouse up to a height of 10m. This means that 2,500sqm of storage space and more than 400sqm of offices and shop are now available. At the same time, the merchandise management system is converted to a new system developed in-house. Together with modern logistics, this has created a significantly higher package throughput since spring 2007, thus ensuring short delivery times. At this time, the now 50 SIP employees send up to 400 parcels per day. With Kathrin Brand, SIP Scootershop trains the best wholesale and export merchant in Bavaria in 2007.

Vespa presents the Vespa S50 - 125

The SIP Team Tour 2007 leads to the Eurovespa in San Marino, the small city state near Rimini. There is also an early SIP TV video of this Vespa road trip:


Bavarian television broadcasts a report on SIP Scootershop as part of the business magazine PROFILE.

The 2006 SIP Team Tour leads to the Eurovespa in Turin, northern Italy. There are pictures and already a SIP TV video of the tour:


The STOFFIS / SIP SCOOTERSHOP Racing Team is founded and successfully participates in countless classic races within the framework of the European Scooter Challenge until 2016.

In 2005, Vespa introduces a new large touring scooter, the GTS.

The Stoffis / SIP Scootershop Vespa Racing Team


SIP Scootershop celebrates its 10th anniversary! 1994-2004. The first decade after the founding of the company is already done....

Report in the Augsburger Allgemeine from 2004


2003 a new Classic Vespa accessories catalogue is created

2003-sipupdate catalogue
the new Classic Vespa Accessories Catalogue of the year 2003


In 2002, it was time for a new chapter in the SIP story. The premises in the former barracks are bursting at the seams. So various external storage facilities are rented and an old Ape TM from the 60s dutifully transports everything back and forth. This is great fun and pleases the neighbours, but in the long run it costs too much time. A new building with enough space for a large warehouse, offices and shop is needed. After an intensive planning phase, the company was finally able to move into its new headquarters in Landsberg's industrial area shortly before the Christmas holidays. The commercial building receives architectural awards and is featured in several magazines.

SIP Scootershop has been the exclusive distributor of the GRIMECA disc brake for retrofitting to Vespa models since 2002.

The new shop in Graf-Zeppelin-Straße in 2002
2002-hanging parade
Helpers wanted....


In 2001, the new SIP Scootershop website goes online with a much improved webshop.

the new SIP Scootershop website from 2001

The two VESPA Customs are finished and presented to the public. To date, they have won more than 10 trophies at shows and exhibitions.

SIP Vespa PX Racer on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vesparacer/
SIP Street Racer Vespa on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vespacutdown/


Thanks to an ever-expanding product range and 15 motivated, scooter-enthusiastic employees, SIP Scootershop GmbH is already entering the 2000s as one of the largest mail-order shops for scooter accessories.

Advertisement in Scootering magazine at the beginning of 2000

The two Vespa PX Customs in yellow and silver are in the making, painted of course by the master from Austria Marcus Pfeil.

2000-pee-pee posing
From left to right: Marcus Pfeil, Alex, Ralf, Moritz


Relocation in the old Ritter-von-Leeb barracks to the former crew dining room

In 1999, the decision was made to include accessories for automatic vehicles in the range. The company also had to expand its premises, so SIP Scootershop rented the former staff mess hall and other rooms covering about 1,000 square metres in addition to the non-commissioned officers' quarters.


the first SIP Scootershop website in 1998

In 1998, the first SIP Scootershop website was created, already in German and English and with a first webshop that was connected to our MS-DOS merchandise management system via ASCII data record export. Even then: live stock for several thousand articles.

At that time, SIP Scootershop also sold used Vespa scooters that we regularly brought back from Italy. Not only did many scooters come north over the Brenner Pass, but friendships also developed that have lasted to this day, e.g. with Cao from 70s Helmets or Mamo, industrial designer for Lamborghini, who also designed one or two of his own products for us.

from left to right: Alex, Mamo and Cao

There was also a new catalogue in 1998, performance & style on just under 100 pages....



Poster for the SIP Customshow in Landsberg 1997

On 1 March 1997, SIP Scootershop, together with T-shirt producer Sgotter, organised the international Vespa & Lambretta Customshow in Landsberg am Lech with 1,500 visitors.

In 1997, larger premises were also rented in the former non-commissioned officers' quarters of the disbanded Ritter-von-Leeb barracks in Landsberg. Every year, the start-up SIP Scootershop compiles a German and English (because demand is also increasing beyond the language borders) mail-order catalogue to present its delivery programme of approx. 2,000 articles.

The SIP Performance racing exhaust is the first pure stainless steel exhaust system on the market - it is still available today.



Landsberger Tagblatt November 1996

In 1996, larger premises were rented in the former non-commissioned officers' quarters of the disbanded Ritter-von-Leeb barracks in Landsberg. Every year, the start-up SIP Scootershop compiles a German and English (because demand is also increasing beyond the language borders) mail-order catalogue to present its product range of around 2,000 articles. The SIP catalogue from 1996 you can browse through online here.

The SIP Performance racing exhaust is the first pure stainless steel exhaust system on the market - it is still available today.

VESPA introduces the first Modern Vespa models with the ET2 and ET4.

the renovation of our first shop in Landsberg in the former barracks


The SIP shop in the basement had an impressive 35sqm

In the summer of 1994, the two decided to turn their long-time hobby and passion for scooter riding into a profession. The idea hit like a bomb and within a very short time the 35 square metre basement shop in Kaufering became too small.

Practically the first product is the SIP sports seat made of GRP and carbon for Vespa PX models.

the first price list was distributed by hand at scooter meetings

1994 - the founding year

Zero hour: the first sales stand at the Scooter Dive in Aachen 1994

Alexander Barth and Ralf Jodl have been tinkering with Vespa scooters since 1989. Dissatisfied with the range of tuning and custom parts available at the time, they developed their own special parts, which were distributed in small quantities to friends and acquaintances. Close contacts developed with many tuners and suppliers of the scooter scene at the time, such as Stefan Onken from Nordspeed Tuning, Paul Melici from PM Tuning or Jim Lomas from JL Exhausts. Good connections to Italy ensure the supply of high-quality accessories.

1994sipp package delivery scooter
Parcel delivery by the management in person