E-bike tuning Tuning Boxes at SIP Scootershop


The motors of most pedelecs and e-bikes work only up to 25 km/h. With pedelecs, the abrupt cessation of motor support is also called the "wall effect", because all of a sudden the motor resistance has to be overcome. Due to the higher weight of the pedelec, this is much more strenuous than on a conventional bicycle. There are various ways to prevent the "wall effect". The fact is: by tuning, pedelecs and e-bikes can reach speeds far above 25 km/h. One way is to manipulate the pedelec with so-called "wall-effects". One possibility is to manipulate them with so-called tuning boxes, for which the Berlin-based company Badass is currently the market leader. One advantage is that they are quickly mounted, but they are visible from the outside.


These small boxes are plugged onto the sensor of the bike or pedelec and now this tool halves the transmitted speed, doubling the motor support. It is a wireless device that can be removed in no time. The manufacturer Badass is the market leader here.

However, the software version of the bike and pedelec must also be kept in mind. A carelessly installed update from the manufacturer can abruptly end the tuning pleasure. Be careful, because the motor manufacturers and tuning experts are constantly playing a cat-and-mouse game.


It should be noted that the operation of this type of modified electric bicycle on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The dealer accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of tuning products. Electric bicycles equipped with tuning products must not be used on public roads, cycle paths and squares. Electric bicycles equipped with tuning products may only be used on private property and at your own risk.