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Exhaust systems 200 cc - for Vespa 200 Rally/P200E/PX200 E Lusso/`98/MY/Cosa 1

Next to the choice of cylinders, the choice of the right exhaust is the most important decision for the engine design. The larger the displacement, the larger the exhaust volume. The larger the volume, the higher the peak power. We have the right exhaust systems for all applications and engine groups.

The special features of the 200 cc class

Basically, the following engine and vehicle types are distinguished:

  • Vespa 200 Rally/P200E/PX200 E Lusso/`98/MY/Cosa 1: We have a large range of racing exhaust systems for this engine. For mounting on the Vespa Cosa 1, some exhaust mounts have to be modified as it is wider. The Rally's far down engine side cowl does not allow for RZ Righthands.

The difference lies in the detail

The space for an exhaust is limited on the Vespa. The more powerful the cylinders, the more volume the exhaust needs. The following is a brief overview:

  • Standard exhaust: No performance increase, can be used legally in road traffic.

  • Racing exhaust road: Touring exhaust with a lot of torque. Unobtrusive because it looks like the original. Ideal for motorway full-throttle driving and 2-man operation.

  • Racing exhaust- Righthand: The muffler is placed under or behind the engine. Mounting of the spare wheel always possible.

  • Racing exhaust- Lefthand: The muffler is placed on the spare wheel side. With some exhaust systems, spare wheel operation is no longer possible there.

In addition to the types of construction, we also distinguish between different tuning classes:

Different tuning classes


suitable for everyday use & reliable: For the normal everyday rider who wants to achieve more power on a durable basis with little effort. Faster acceleration, more powerful on hills, higher top speed. Tuning is inconspicuous in the first stages, sometimes even permissible in road traffic. The noise level is kept within limits.
In other words: increased performance with high suitability for everyday use.

z. e.g. SIP Road, SITO Plus or SIP Performance 1.0


Powerful & roadworthy: This category builds on ROAD-Tuning. Much of it is compatible. A racing cylinder is always the basis. Exhaust systems and carburettors are combined with it. The target group is the performance-hungry everyday rider who likes to step on the gas and does not have to hide his tuning. Strong acceleration, final speeds beyond 120 km/h and yet high durability characterise this class.

z. e.g. SIP Performance 2.0, SIP Camaro, SIP Mustang, SIP Road XL

RACE tuning

for the highest demands: The royal class in the scooter sector. All performance fetishists get their money's worth here. For anyone for whom the normal is not enough and who is looking for the performance limit. Tuning experience and the necessary small change are required here. The parts can be found in most racing engines, whether quartermile, lap race or dyno battle. Most components can also be used as SPORT tuning.

z. e.g. SIP R2, SIP Viper

What can the individual manufacturers do?

We don't include every exhaust on the market in our programme. We test almost all of them and then concentrate on the essentials:

  • SIP ROAD: The Road exhausts are made by the manufacturer to our specifications and are not retrofitted. They are the racer among the tourers. Inexpensive, powerful, available in various shapes and colours. The XL version combines the performance of a big Lefthand with the inconspicuousness of the Box systems.

  • SIP PERFORMANCE: Here you will find all the exhaust designs that have proven themselves in the scooter scene. The Performance 1.0 and 2.0 are classics and extremely popular. With NORDSPEED, a series has been developed for the latest cylinders: Mustang, Camaro, R2. Very good quality, great variety.

  • SITO: Good and inexpensive standard exhaust systems. The SITO Plus is a classic among road racing exhausts.

  • MALOSSI/POLINI/SIMONINI/PINASCO: Developed decades ago, tried and tested for decades. Good and reasonably priced sports racing exhausts. Tinny sound, high revving, visually inconspicuous.

  • JL: Jim Lomas, the English exhaust guru, manufactures almost all renowned racing exhaust systems: SIP Performance, SIP Evo, RZ. All of them are one-offs, handmade and are constantly being developed further. The long friendly relationship with JL also makes it possible to produce small series such as DSE or T5 systems.

  • SERIES PRO: Here we group together small but fine tuning companies that develop or produce systems and have a market authorisation, e.g. Scooter&Service or DSE.

The following applies to all racing exhaust systems: Unless otherwise stated, only for racing and exhibition purposes. Not approved in the area of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), i.e. consultation with the local TÜV office is necessary.