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Racing cylinder heads at SIP Scootershop

Racing cylinder heads are not spare parts for racing cylinders, but replace the original cylinder head. They are perfectly adapted to standard or racing cylinders and increase their performance. They have the right bore, optimised combustion chambers and crush edges. Sometimes the spark plug positions are also changed.

How is the cylinder constructed and what does it do?

The cylinder head, cast from light metal, essentially consists of a combustion chamber and cooling fins. It closes off the cylinder at the top with a narrow sealing surface (sometimes an O-ring is integrated in it), which rests on the cylinder. In addition to sealing, the cylinder head is also responsible for heat dissipation. For this purpose, the cooling fins are arranged parallel to the air flow of the fan impeller. Modern air-cooled (AC) engines have additional cooling fins that run horizontally and ensure even better heat dissipation because the air flows around the head. The dissipation behaviour can be positively influenced by anodising or spraying the cylinder heads with special paint. It also makes sense to enlarge the surface by fine blasting. Water cooling (LC, Liquid Cooled) means more effort, but provides the best heat dissipation.