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Racing crankshafts - at SIP Scootershop

In addition to a significantly longer intake time, which has a positive effect on the degree of filling, racing shafts also have streamlined and polished crank webs that reduce turbulence and stalls.

Racing crankshafts
By racing crankshafts we basically mean all crankshafts that deviate from the pure standard specifications. So:
- different crank cheek shape
- more stroke
- longer or higher quality connecting rod
- clutch/pole wheel stub not intended for the original parts
- optimised intake geometry by shape and cut-out.

For the classic Vespa models, the range is so large that we still offer these in Rotary vane and Diaphragm shafts differentiated.

How to find the right racing crankshaft for your Vespa or Lambretta

There are racing crankshafts from various manufacturers for all scooter models. You can select above for which scooter you are looking for a racing crankshaft. If you select "Classic Vespa", for example, you can select the exact model below. If you enter "Vespa 160GS/ 180 SS", all suitable racing crankshafts for exactly this type will be displayed. The selection also works in the same way for "Modern Vespa", "Maxiscooter" and so on.