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Crankshafts - Spare parts

Under crankshaft spare parts you will find piston pin bearings, connecting rod bearings, connecting rods and connecting rod sets, crank pins and spacers. The most important wearing parts of a crankshaft are the piston pin bearings. In the beginning, the upper connecting rod bearings were only bronze bushings. They were then exchanged for needle bearings.

If you want to replace the lower connecting rod bearings, crankpins or entire connecting rods, you have to press the crankshaft apart and back together again.

As a MAZZUCCHELLI importer, we list many items here that do not have a specific vehicle list on file. These do not fit universally, but are not further limited by us. Many of our customers order parts for crankshaft conversions or own developments here.

Connecting rods and connecting rod sets

We stock a whole range of replacement connecting rods for almost all classic Vespa models. A crankshaft overhaul is interesting for all models for which there are no new replacement shafts, e.g. Vespa 125 V1-V15T. Some customers also prefer to have their original shaft overhauled instead of a new reproduction crankshaft.

Tuning connecting rods are available as forged and polished, longer or shorter, with lubrication holes and better piston pin bearings.

Connecting rod bearing, crank pin or connecting rod pin

For the lower connecting rod bearings, please pay attention to the exact dimensions or order with the help of the MAZZUCCHELLI catalogue.

With an eccentric connecting rod pin, the stroke of a crankshaft can be increased or reduced. A conversion to a long-stroke shaft is thus possible.

Technical tips

If you want to overhaul a crankshaft, "statically balance" it yourself or install a special connecting rod, you should use the appropriate tools . We also stock a large number of special tools for perfect disassembly and subsequent gentle installation. With the exception of a barrel press, we have everything important in our range.