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Tyres by size - at SIP Scootershop

Everything you need to know about manufacturers, tread depth, tyre types and much more can be found here.

Which size do I need?

The tyre size required for the vehicle is entered in the vehicle documents. There you will find information on tyre width, rim diameter and speed index. Of course, you can also read the tyre mounted on the scooter from its sidewall

What does the tyre labelling mean?

Example: 3.50-10 59J (by inch designation)

3.50 Tyre width in inches (1 inch = 25.4 mm)
10 Rim diameter in inches
59 Load index
J Speed index

Example: 90'90-10 59J (according to current designation)

90 Tyre width in mm
90 Percentage ratio of tyre width to cross-section
10rim diameter in inches
59 Load index
J Speed index

What do the additional indications on the tyre sidewalls mean?

Dot number: The last 4 digits indicate the production date. Thus, for example, 4503 means 45 KW in2003
Tubeless indicates use without inner tube. However, this type of tyre can be used with an inner tube without any problems.
TT: This refers specifically to the use of an inner tube!
R, rf, XL or extra load: Reinforced refers to tyres with reinforced carcasses and thus increased load capacity.

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