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Spare parts for scooters - Overview

Here you will find spare parts for many models and vehicle types: For Vespa and Lambretta, Modern Vespa, Scooter and Maxiscooter, for Ape or even mopeds and mopeds. Simply select "Classic Vespa" or "Maxiscooter" from the pull-down menu at the top and you will be shown only the spare parts for these models. We also present some manufacturers who offer parts for your selection. Of course, you can also search directly by item name, manufacturer, use and so on in the menu bar on the left. The selection is gigantic with more than 20,000 articles.

The categories are currently: Vespa & Ape, Modern Vespa, Scooter, Maxiscooter, Lambretta, LML and Moped.

Another service is the detailed exploded views that we have stored for you in the "Explos" section. There you can also search for a specific type and model and view, download and print out the helpful diagrams.

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PIAGGIO is the manufacturer of the Vespa scooters, APE load tricycles and also the cult mopeds CIAO and BRAVO. The APRILIA, DERBI and GILERA brands also belong to the parent company.
For classic and modern Vespas, we have almost everything in stock and available immediately. The range in stock for APE and CIAO, as well as scooters and maxi scooters from APRILIA, DERBI, GILERA and PIAGGIO is enormous and growing all the time. Since PIAGGIO components are also installed in many vehicles of other brands, the range of spare parts for scooters from BENELLI, MALAGUTI, ITALJET, PEUGEOT and many others is thus quite large.



Lohia Machinery Limited (LML) is an Indian company that for many years manufactured a scooter similar to the Vespa PX under licence from Piaggio. Also for LML we have many spare parts in our programme.


The Italian family business is now in its third generation and produces everything to do with carburettors for Vespa and Lambretta. At SIP Scootershop we stock more than 1,000 products from DELLORTO and are completely convinced by the specialists. Racing proven quality since 1933.



SIP Spare Parts - Spare parts in best quality! New spare parts that are neither available from PIAGGIO nor on the aftermarket are in demand. We have them manufactured as SIP Spare Parts. No bought-in articles are only re-labelled here. New moulds are created, designs are reissued and articles are improved in material and function. This is very time-consuming, cost- and labour-intensive and sometimes not always economically sensible. But we have a great love for the Vespa and we will do a lot to ensure that these wonderful scooters can no longer be ridden because of a lack of spare parts or bad parts. And without spareparts there is no Performance & Style.


The transition from accessory to spare part is fluid. If an item does not correspond 100% to the original in terms of colour and shape, we will stock it under SIP Style. But if you already need a new brake lever, new indicators or new grips, why not upgrade to a cooler look and give your scooter a SIP Style?

REPRO parts


Both the shape and the colour of the REPRO Articles correspond to the original parts or replacement parts of the old Vespas. Often these parts are marked by the manufacturer PIAGGIO as "abolito": "out of production".
However, we would like to be able to continue to supply you with these products in good quality and take some trouble to find alternatives from other manufacturers or to make a new production possible.



A few kilometres east of Bologna lies the small town of Ravenna on the Italian Adriatic coast. Here Mauro PASCOLI has been producing high-quality replacement parts and accessories for Vespas for many years. All products are built true to the original in their own production. An Italian institution for classic Vespas. Of course, these noble parts must not be missing in our bearing.



We have also been stocking the parts of this Italian hobbyist and producer for several years. CARLUCCI manufactures many spare parts for classic Vespas and has specialised, among other things, in plates of high quality.



Rear lights, headlights, indicators or ignition locks - the Italian manufacturer SIEM builds retro parts for Vespas and mopeds. The high-quality chrome-plated metal housings make the look of the detailed spare parts perfect. Original equipment quality Made in Italy.



Since 1950 the Milanese manufacturer "PREDIERI & ABBATE" has specialised in the trade and production of rare spare parts for Vespas. In our programme we have from PREDIERI Speedometer cables, gear cogs, cluster circlips or gear tubes - to name just a few products. The Italians convince with precise quality and high-grade materials.


From dealer to manufacturer. That is the story of Dean Harvey, who has been dedicated to Lambrettas for almost 30 years. SCOOTOPIA is seated in Somerset, England, and is now known worldwide for the quality of its spare parts.


When it comes to crankshafts and conrod kits, the Italians are among the first port of call. Perfect for tuning or racing - NUOVA MAZZUCCHELLI has been offering only the best quality for decades. Handmade and suitable for high revs. For long life and durability.



Quality is our highest priority! That is why we summarise under the label PREMIUM QUALITY Label, which meet our quality standards and fully satisfy you as a customer. Take a look at what we have to offer and take your scooter to a whole new level. We wish you much pleasure.


Under this label we produce, among other things, spare parts that enhance performance or are more functional. Whether exhaust systems, speedometers or ignition kits - SIP PERFORMANCE Products are ideal for scooter riders who want something special.


Also at the premium tuning forge MALOSSI all non-performance-enhancing parts are also first-class spare parts and are not only intended for the sports sector. The Multivar variators are particularly popular.



The Italians from Milan started producing spare parts in 1945 and since 1980 have been trading under the name of RMS Classic. They offer a very wide range of high-quality spare parts for Vespas.


The parts of the tuning manufacturer POLINI can not only be used for racing engines. Many parts of them can also be used as high-quality spare parts, as they are not performance-enhancing: such as belts, variator rollers or clutches.



From the company "Fumagalli Anna", "F.A. Italia" was founded in 1985 in the small town of Lurago d'Erba, a few kilometres away from the beautiful Lake Como. F.A. ITALIA stands for high quality and exports its spare parts for Vespa and Lambretta to 25 countries by now. Of course, we also have many Italian parts in our assortment.



As early as 1959, Giuseppe Ferrigno started his own business dealing in replacement parts and accessories for motorbikes and Vespas. In 1967, he founded the company "Costruzioni Ingranaggi Ferrigno" (CIF) with its seat near Milan. We are pleased to announce that CIF Parts for many years.



The three letters stand for "Dennis Racing Team" and it is quickly clear where the wind is blowing from here: Denis Innocente was a racer through and through before he started professionally producing tuning and spare parts. Today he sells D.R.T. sells worldwide in 60 countries.



The Italians "F.B. Fratelli Bosatta", with their seat in Brescia, have been producing not only electric spare parts for motorbikes, mopeds and Vespas since 1955. We have headlights, rear lights and for example exhaust systems from BOSATTA in stock.



The Italian company from Genoa started in 1955 as a manufacturer of coils for motorbikes. Over the years CEAB has continuously expanded its product range and today supplies parts for alternators, ignition coils and other items for classic Vespas and Lambrettas.


What started in a small shop in Milan after World War II is today a company with several branches in Europe. Spare parts for Vespa and motorbikes are the core business of the Esposti family and OLYMPIA stands for tradition and Italian workmanship.


For more than 30 years, the Italians from Milan have been serving all friends of the Lambretta. CASALAMBRETTA stocks spare parts, restores, repairs and even has its own museum. With these experts, the Lambretta is in the best hands.


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