Bags and more - for Vespa & Lambretta


... he can tell a tale. So I took my stick and hat and would choose to travel." This is what Matthias Claudius wrote about 200 years ago. A stick is probably more of a hindrance on a scooter and instead of a hat, it's better to wear a helmet. In addition to our wide range of helmets and visors, we also offer bags, backpacks and more. Whether it's for a long trip, a trip to the swimming pool or shopping at the bakery around the corner. Just take a look through our extensive range and maybe you'll get the wanderlust right away.


Whether suitcase, gym bag, tunnel or shoulder bag - our range of containers of all kinds is extremely extensive and varied. We meet every demand and offer bags for almost every situation in life. We rely on models from PIAGGIO, TUCANO URBANO, FORME and of course our own creations from SIP STYLE.


The classic container for hassle-free transport. Backpacks are made of fabric, plastic or leather and are worn on straps on the back. This gives them the best freedom of movement and even weight distribution. The backpacks with the stylish Vespa logo are very popular at SIP Scootershop. They are not only practical, but also look cool. From PIAGGIO alone, we have well over 20 models on offer - in various colours, sizes and shapes. The imitation leather container with LAMBRETTA-logo is of course a clear statement. And for kids, the backpacks from our VW COLLECTION certainly a great idea.


As experienced touring riders, we at SIP Scootershop know exactly what is urgently needed on trips: the practical and spacious luggage roll. Our own development is 100% waterproof and extremely stable. We have dispensed with any eyelets to protect the paintwork. SIP STYLE For drivers who like to travel.


Small, but incredibly important. We have the right containers for credit cards, driving licences and cash. Utensils that should be both safely stored and within reach at all times when travelling or shopping. We offer two stylish models: from PIAGGIO and MALOSSI.


These inner pockets are perfect for keeping order in the Top Case. Then nothing rattles anymore and things don't fly around unchecked. We offer a model from PIAGGIO and our version from SIP STYLE are available.


If you really only want to take the bare essentials with you on your Vespa or Lambretta ride, the hip bag is the perfect choice. It is worn like a belt and offers enough space for a mobile phone, wallet and bunch of keys. At SIP Scootershop we offer various hip bags from PIAGGIO in different colours. The Vespa logo is hard to miss and makes the look of these chic totes perfect.


They have only really come into fashion in recent years, but now you see them more and more: the bags that are worn diagonally across the stomach or back. If you pull them tight, they fit close to the body. At SIP Scootershop we currently have models from PIAGGIO in our range, of course also with the highly visible and popular Vespa logo. Our customer AnnarosaN aptly sums it up: "Not too bulky, but roomy, well made and comfortable even in the saddle!"


Other useful accessories for the journey or short trip. The breathing mask will probably be with us for a while, be it because of the pandemic or smog in the cities. The holder for oil bottles is simply practical and the base plate on the luggage rack is an alternative to the top case.