Backpacks & Handlebar Bags for Vespa & Lambretta


It sounds banal, but every owner of a Vespa or Lambretta will have to transport something at some point: Drinks, laptop, school materials, sports kit, mobile phone, towels ... whatever. Then the question arises: Which container is the right one for me and my means of transport? SIP Scootershop has various products on offer that offer a solution for every transport question. And of course these containers are also ideally suited for scooters, e-bikes, pedelecs and e-scooters. We present these practical helpers here.


The classic bag for easy transport. Backpacks are made of fabric, plastic or leather and are worn on straps on the back. This gives them the best freedom of movement and even weight distribution. The backpacks with the stylish Vespa logo are very popular at SIP Scootershop. They are not only practical, but also look cool. From PIAGGIO alone, we have well over 20 models on offer - in various colours, sizes and shapes. The imitation leather container with LAMBRETTA-logo is of course a clear statement. And for kids, the backpacks from our VW COLLECTION certainly a great idea.


As the name suggests, these totes are worn casually over the shoulder. If you only want to carry your mobile phone, water and a bunch of keys, the two-litre models are perfectly adequate. If you also want to pack your notebook in its own compartment, the models with up to four litres capacity come into play. Whether large or small - the shoulder bags at SIP Scootershop all have one thing in common: the stylish Vespa logo. Because with these practical bags, we focus entirely on the products of PIAGGIO.


They've only really come into fashion in recent years, but now you see them more and more: bags worn diagonally across the stomach or back. If you pull them tight, they fit close to the body. At SIP Scootershop we currently have models from PIAGGIO in our range, of course also with the highly visible and popular Vespa logo. Our customer AnnarosaN aptly sums it up: "Not too bulky, but roomy, well made and comfortable even in the saddle!"


If you really only want to take the bare essentials with you on your Vespa or Lambretta ride, the hip bag is the perfect choice. It is worn like a belt and offers enough space for mobile phone, wallet and bunch of keys. At SIP Scootershop we offer various hip bags from PIAGGIO in different colours. The Vespa logo is hard to miss and makes the look of these chic totes perfect.


Best suited for owners of e-scooters, e-bikes or pedelecs. Not only can you store the most important utensils safely, but you also always have them in view while riding. As a rule, they can be mounted in no time, removed again and then carried as a handbag or backpack. Ideal for small purchases or even the ride to the office. At SIP Scootershop, we rely on models from SEGWAY-NINEBOT, IO HAWK and EGRET.