Bad weather protection for scooters & bicycles


You can spin it any way you want, but it's not always sunshine. As much as we at SIP Scootershop hate to point this out, we can't change it. We can, however, help you to get through unpleasant weather conditions and autumn and winter days in the best possible condition. You will find folding garages, protective covers, rain jackets and much more in our range. Even if the only way to get around is on foot, we have umbrellas in our range. And always remember: At some point, rain and snow will be followed by sunshine again. Guaranteed!


No matter what the season - these blankets offer optimal protection against cold and water. They are usually attached in just a few steps and keep legs and lower body toasty warm. At SIP Scootershop there are models from PIAGGIO and TUCANO URBANOwhich are suitable for almost all common scooters. And these leg guards for are also available for pillion riders.


Reliable protection for your scooter! Rain, sun, wind or snow can no longer harm the two-wheeler, because the folding garages made of high-quality polyester keep their promise. Even two-wheelers with a top case or windshield remain absolutely protected 365 days a year. We carry models from PIAGGIO or recommend our own development in SIP STYLE.


These practical and useful gauntlets offer protection against wind and weather in the cold season. They are not only suitable for scooters, but also for bicycles and mountain bikes. Operating elements such as brake and bell are of course easily accessible at all times. Our range includes gauntlets from PIAGGIO and TUCANO URBANO.


These heated grips are real luxury for the cold season. They are quick to fit and fit almost any scooter or scooter. If they are then combined with grip or handlebar gaiters, you have the best possible protection. We trust in the quality of the heated grips from KOSO.


These protective covers are not only 100% waterproof, but also protect the seat from any kind of damage. They also prevent fading due to strong UV radiation. At SIP Scootershop, we carry various models from PIAGGIO.


As experienced touring riders, we at SIP Scootershop know exactly what is urgently needed on journeys: the practical and spacious luggage roll. Our own development is 100% waterproof and extremely stable. We have dispensed with any eyelets to protect the paintwork. SIP STYLE For riders who love to travel.


These air cushions are the ideal supplement and replacement for a Termoscud from TUCANO URBANO. They prevent the annoying fluttering of the protective cover and are quickly inflated and attached. Of course in the usual quality from TUCANO URBANO.


It's hard to believe that a rain jacket can be stored in a very small bag. But the high-quality jackets from TUCANO URBANO really take up hardly any space and, with their hood, offer perfect protection in rainy weather. Reflectors are attached to the wrist and collar for increased safety in poor visibility. The stylish jacket from MALOSSI also has its charms.


This useful accessory is simply worn over normal clothing and keeps you toasty warm. Ideally suited for rides in the city or on short trips. Of course 100% waterproof and available in different sizes. We trust leg blankets from TUCANO URBANO.


And if you can't ride at all, the good old umbrella, which has proven its worth for decades, still comes in handy. We recommend the chic models from MALOSSI and POLINI. Or our own creation in irresistible SIP STYLE.