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Leisure & Travel with Vespa & Lambretta - at SIP Scootershop

Accessories and equipment for (almost) everything that's fun.

Let's face it: the most fun you can have on your scooter is not necessarily commuting to work. OK, even then, depending on the route, you can let your hair down and feel the breeze. But the tours at the weekend or during the holidays are outstanding. Climbing mountain passes, heading for bathing lakes or simply rattling across the countryside and enjoying the sun, air and joie de vivre. Going on a spontaneous excursion with friends or planning a longer trip to the south. These are the moments for which we love our Vespa or Lambretta.

And it's precisely for these adventures that we've put together a range of accessories to make your life with your scooter easier and more enjoyable: Backpacks and handlebar bags for the right equipment. Bad weather protection for the downpour or ride in autumn. And finally the perfect Bags and cases for longer tours and holiday trips.

Whatever you're planning, we'll help you with it. Ride on!