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Jet helmets without visor - at SIP Scootershop

Lightweight helmets with a retro look

These helmets are not only extremely popular with scooter riders, as they bring back the flair of the 50s and 60s. We are not surprised that the jet helmets without visors are very popular with our customers. And it's no wonder: the wind of freedom blows around your nose, you breathe fresh air and smell the beach, sea or pine forest. And thanks to the extended field of vision, you also see more of it. Jet helmets can easily be combined with visors, goggles or sunglasses. At SIP Scootershop you will find well over a hundred different jet helmets, so you are literally spoilt for choice, because they all look cool.

Another argument in favour of a jet helmet is its pleasant weight. As a rule, these helmets weigh around 1000 g, which can be up to 500 g less than full-face helmets. Vespa riders, chopper riders and fans of classic motorbikes prefer jet helmets because they simply fit the look and reflect the attitude to life.

These are our top brands of jet helmets without visors

The selection of jet helmets without visors is huge. We trust the models of the following manufacturers:


Well, the name speaks for itself. Of course, the inventors of the Vespa also know which jet helmets go with a classic or modern Vespa. The traditional Italian manufacturer surprises and delights time and again with special models that can even be precisely matched to a particular Vespa or colour. For example, there is the "Vespa Color" series in bright colours. Or the "Heritage" jet helmets, which are in the original colours of old Vespas. And for the 75th anniversary of the brand, Piaggio launched a helmet that perfectly matches the look of the anniversary models Vespa Primavera 50 and 125 as well as GTS 125 and 300. The jet helmets from Piaggio are simply in a class of their own.


Jet helmets from Berlin! Handmade, cool and fairly priced. The German manufacturer Bandit has been mixing up the scene since 1996. The jet helmets are light but resistant. Most of Bandit 's helmets comply with the ECE standard and are thus suitable for German road traffic. With their unique cotton fabric, the jet helmets are also very comfortable and fit perfectly to any head shape. At Bandit, there is no mass production, but style and quality in small quantities.


SIP Scootershop has been close friends with 70's founder Fabrizio Caoduro for years and of course we love the helmets from Vicenza in Northern Italy. Their Metal Flakes, Dirties and the helmets from the Pastello series are simply a feast for the eyes and unique on the market. Almost all jet helmets have the ECE standard and the variety of colours on offer is breathtaking. If you like the new edition of Japanese racing helmets, you should definitely check out the 70's range.


The company from Bergamo, Italy, builds perhaps the smallest and lightest jet helmets with ECE standard. Many designs are handmade and are therefore unique. If you like vintage design with a cool look, you can't miss the jet helmets from DMD. They are not only extremely lightweight jet helmets, but also real eye-catchers in road traffic. Coolness meets Italian tradition.


Redbike is a label of the Kochmann company, which was founded in Cologne back in 1899. One hundred years later, they also entered the helmet business, having made a name for themselves in the motorbike scene since the 1970s. The jet helmets convince with a successful retro look and are available in many different colours.


The absolute specialists in racing and style. When all the drivers at the 1971 Indy 500 started with Bell helmets, founder Roy Richter had reached his first milestone. The company from California, USA, is just as much at home in Formula 1 as in the production of jet helmets for Vespa drivers. The Bell Custom 500, for example, was built as a reminder of the glorious early days. The quality of the jet helmets is almost unrivalled, because what has to work in racing is also safe on the road.

SIP Performance & Style

No, we haven't gone under the helmet manufacturers yet, but we have created a special edition together with 70's Helmets when we celebrated our 25th anniversary. Under the name "SIP 25 Years", the jet helmet is available in white and black. It is a collector's item, because each helmet is hand-painted. You should get your hands on this jet helmet while it's still available. Must have!


What size should my jet helmet without visor be?

The best way to measure the circumference of the head is with a tape measure. Place the tape measure about one centimetre above the eyebrows and then bring it together again at the back of the head. Compare the result with this table to find out exactly what size jet helmet you need for men and women. If you wear glasses, measure the circumference in the same way, but choose the size so that the glasses do not press against the helmet.


Head circumference









Helmet size










Head circumference





Helmet size





Rules of thumb for buying a jet helmet without visor

  • The selected jet helmet should be worn for ten to 15 minutes to check comfort.

  • The jet helmet should fit snugly and not slip down the neck.

  • The head should have no slack in the jet helmet, i.e. when you turn the helmet, the head should "go with it".

  • The straps of the fastener should not press against the neck but against the chin.

  • When the chin strap is closed, the jet helmet should not fall into the face.

  • If the glasses in the jet helmet press, another model should be chosen.

  • The cheek pads can be a little tighter at the beginning, because they will give way by one or two millimetres over time. The forehead pads, on the other hand, are thinner and do not do this.

You can find more information about material, care and more here.