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Children's helmets - at SIP Scootershop

Better safe than sorry - kids should wear helmets

In Germany, helmets are still not compulsory for children on bicycles, scooters or skateboards. But who wants to take the risk and let the little ones whiz around without protection? And if you look at the streets, fortunately you see most kids wearing helmets, and that's a good thing. Safety first! After all, children's helmets are not simply motorbike helmets that have been made smaller; the main thing is that they are adapted to the muscles of the little ones. Children's helmets made of polycarbonate or carbon Kevlar are extremely resilient, because kids don't always handle their helmets with care. In addition, the fasteners must be made in such a way that even somewhat clumsy children's hands can handle them.

Then, of course, there is the question of where the helmets will be used by the kids. In the halfpipe? On a bike ride across the country? In daily city traffic on the way to school? That's why we also offer different models for children: Full-face helmets, jet helmets and half-shell helmets. Because even with younger two-wheeled riders, good attention should be paid to the possible uses. The helmets in our range all have the necessary ECE standard, apart from the half-shell helmet of course.

We offer these brands of children's helmets



The children's helmets from HJC impress with their high level of comfort, great safety and attractive price-performance ratio. The helmets are designed in HJC's own wind tunnel and meet the demands and requirements of kids.


The children's helmets with the smiley face! The Spaniards know how to combine protection and an attractive look. The jet helmets for children weigh no more than 850 grams and are ECE certified. Thanks to the padded chin strap, LS2 places just as much emphasis on wearing comfort as on a fastener that is actually child's play to operate.


The design of the children's helmets from BHR is truly unique and will make children's eyes light up. The jet helmets for kids all come with a visor and are available with many different motifs. Be it "Tom & Jerry", "Paw Patrol" or "Robot" - the kids will have a hard time deciding which helmet to choose. Of course, the children's helmets have the necessary ECE standard, because these safety standards are obligatory for children. BHR really pays attention to everything when it comes to children's helmets.


What size should the children's helmet be?

The best way to measure the circumference of the head is with a measuring tape. Place the tape measure about one centimetre above the eyebrows and then bring it together again at the back of the head. Compare the result with this table and you will know exactly what size children's helmets should be for boys and girls. People who wear glasses measure the circumference in the same way, but choose the size so that the glasses do not pinch the helmet.


Head circumference





Helmet size





Rules of thumb for buying a children's helmet

  • The selected children's helmet should be worn for ten to 15 minutes to check comfort.

  • The helmet should fit tightly and not slip down the neck.

  • The weight should not strain the child's neck in any way.

  • The head should have no play in the child's helmet, i.e. when you turn the helmet, the head should "go with it".

  • The straps of the fastener should not press against the neck but against the chin.

  • When the chin strap is closed, the helmet should not fall into the face.

  • The fastener should be easy for the child to open and close.

  • If the glasses in the child's helmet press, another model should be chosen.

  • The cheek pads can be a little tighter at the beginning, because they will give way by one to two millimetres over time. The forehead pads, on the other hand, are thinner and do not do this.

You can find more information about material, care and more here.