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Full-face helmets and flip-up helmets - at SIP Scootershop

Full-face & flip-up helmets are particularly suitable for motorway, road or off-road use.

Full-face helmets

Whether for racing, motocross or everyday use - the full-face helmet offers the best protection in the various designs. The chin and face are covered and the material is extremely resilient. No wonder the term "full face" was invented for this type of helmet. Maximum safety, hardly any noise from outside and perfect aerodynamics. With a full-face helmet, you are on the safe side on any motorised two-wheeler. Especially the racers among the scooter fans cannot do without a full-face helmet.

The helmet shell has the crucial task of distributing the energy released in an impact over the entire helmet. The full-face helmets are subjected to extensive tests in our own test laboratories before they are even put on the market. However, not only safety but also weight must be taken into account. The materials used, such as fibreglass, GRP multifibre, carbon, polycarbonate and others, are therefore all the more important.

The obligatory visors are made of the same polycarbonate and are impact and shatter resistant. They are so cleverly designed that they keep the rain out but still provide fresh air at the same time. Other innovations are the Pinlock visors, which hardly allow the visor to fog up, and sun visors, which can also be attached to the main visor.

Meanwhile, it is no longer just the bombproof outer shell of an Intergral helmet that is important, but also the inner workings. Eyewear channels and communication systems are playing an increasingly important role.

Folding/modular helmets

If you love cruising and like to take a breath of fresh air, this mix of different helmets is perfect for you. The flip-up/modular helmet can be used like a jet helmet or you prefer the safety of the intergral helmet with all its advantages. This helmet is the perfect choice for almost all occasions and is one of the most popular on the market. This is because the freedom and flexibility mentioned above play a major role in the well-being of scooter and motorbike riders.

The flip-up helmet also offers a decisive advantage in the event of an accident, because paramedics and doctors can help more quickly by removing the visor. The visors, by the way, are replaceable and can simply be bought new when they wear out, without having to replace the whole helmet. So you can also save a few euros here. In the past, flip-up helmets were heavier than full-face helmets, but thanks to carbon and other materials, this is changing more and more. Comfort and safety go hand in hand in flip-up helmets.\

Our best brands for full-face and flip-up helmets


Made in Germany, Berlin. Since 1996, this cool company from Berlin has also been offering full-face helmets with wacky names like "Alien", "Fighter" or "Super Street II". The roots of the company lie in the street racing scene and the spacey helmets reflect this. Bandit doesn't make 08/15 integral helmets, but aggressive looks and a sophisticated fit. The "Bandit XXR", for example, has become a real classic that would also look good on Darth Vader's head. Bandit full-face helmets make all the difference.


Absolute best quality from Japan. The full-face helmets are not only handmade, but Shoei also likes to use classics and give them a new shine. For example, the "EX Zero Equation TC-2" is clearly a homage to the 80s off-road scene. Retro looks enter into a symbiosis with state-of-the-art materials and Shoei has stood for uncompromising design for decades, designed for racers and real enthusiasts. High-end full-face helmets for riders and people who appreciate perfection.


Anyone who has been on the Formula 1 and Indycar scene for decades will know how to build perfect full-face helmets. Bell also focuses on retro looks and always puts on classics in a modern guise, such as the "Moto 3". Bell helmets are also particularly popular with motocross and enduro riders, but not only. Even a classic scooter is given an extra boost by a Bell full-face helmet. With a Bell full-face helmet, you are simply wearing a piece of history.



With the Racing Sixties models, there is now the perfectly coordinated design for full-face helmets from the Italian cult manufacturer. This makes riding a Vespa a complete visual package that is probably unique in this form.



The full-face helmets from HJC impress with high comfort and offer an attractive price-performance ratio. Tested on many race tracks under professional race conditions.


What size should my full-face or flip-up helmet be?

The best way to measure the circumference of your head is with a tape measure. Place the tape measure about one centimetre above the eyebrows and then bring it together again at the back of the head. Compare the result with this table to find out exactly what size full-face or flip-up helmet you need for men and women. Wearers of glasses measure the circumference in the same way, but choose the size so that the glasses do not press against the helmet.


Head circumference









Helmet size










Head circumference





Helmet size





Rules of thumb for buying a full-face or flip-up helmet

  • The selected full-face or flip-up helmet should be worn for ten to 15 minutes to check comfort.

  • The helmet should fit tightly and not slip down the neck.

  • The head should have no slack in the full-face helmet, i.e. when you turn the helmet, the head should "go with it".

  • The straps of the fastener should not press against the neck but against the chin.

  • When the chin strap is closed, the helmet should not fall into the face.

  • If the glasses in the full-face or flip-up helmet press, another model should be chosen.

  • The cheek pads can be a little tighter at the beginning, because they give way by one to two millimetres over time. The forehead pads, on the other hand, are thinner and do not do this.

You can find more information about materials, care and more here.