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Bicycle helmets & helmets for e-bikes and e-scooters - at SIP Scootershop

Modern, lightweight and multifunctional

The days of simple bicycle helmets have been over for a while. Today, manufacturers offer sophisticated models with all kinds of refinements. From integrated lighting and radio to connection to an app, everything is available. So if you're on two wheels without a petrol engine, you have a choice of many different variants. There is still no obligation to wear a helmet for bicycles without a motor, but of course you are safer on the road. Pedelecs are considered bicycles and may be ridden without head protection. The situation is different for e-bikes and S-pedelecs, where helmets are compulsory by law because the speeds are much higher. If you are unsure whether your bike can be ridden without a helmet, ask your dealer again.

You should choose a helmet according to what you usually do with your bike. For example, a mountain biker needs different head protection than a road cyclist. Downhill riders are certainly better protected with a full-face helmet than with a bicycle helmet for the city centre. So the requirements are just as different as the helmets on the market. Pay attention to material, fastening and the right size. Many bicycle helmets can be made tighter and wider by turning a dial. Take your time with the perfect adjustment, because nothing is worse than a helmet that doesn't fit comfortably "in use".

Of course, we also have a wide range of helmets for scooter riders, motorbikes and children.

These are the brands we trust for bicycle helmets


Hard to believe, but true! The specialists for Formula 1 and Indycar have also been making ingenious bike, BMX, e-bike, e-scooter and pedelec helmets for years. And BELL 's experience pays off here too, because the bike helmets are not only safe, but also look very cool. They weigh less than 500 grams, feature a special ventilation system and combine classic skater looks with the latest materials.


New types of helmets with many technical innovations are currently coming from LIVALL. Whether wireless or their own lighting - these bicycle helmets are revolutionising the market. The future is called LIVALL.


What size should my bicycle helmet be?

The best way to measure the circumference of your head is with a tape measure. Place the tape measure about one centimetre above your eyebrows and then bring it back together at the back of your head. Compare the result with this table to find out exactly what size bicycle helmet you need for men and women. People who wear glasses measure the circumference in the same way, but choose the size so that the glasses do not pinch the helmet.


Head circumference









Helmet size










Head circumference





Helmet size





Rules of thumb for buying a bicycle helmet

  • The selected bicycle helmet should be worn for ten to 15 minutes to check its comfort.

  • The bicycle helmet should fit tightly and not slip down the neck.

  • The head should have no slack in the bicycle helmet, i.e. when you turn the helmet, the head should "go with it".

  • The straps of the fastener should not press against the neck but against the chin.

  • When the chin strap is closed, the bicycle helmet should not fall into the face.

  • If the glasses press in the bicycle helmet, another model should be chosen.

  • The straps should not interfere in any way and if a finger's width fits between the chin strap and the chin, everything is fine.

You can find more information about materials, care and more here.