Christmas 2022 - Gift ideas not only for Vespa fans

As you can easily see from the picture, Father Christmas brings the presents with the Ape and has his sleigh pulled by Vespas. Because Santa Claus is certainly also a fan of the Italian cult scooters. To make Christmas 2022 once again a celebration of joy and love, we have many ideas and offers in our programme that will ensure shining eyes and shouts of delight on the day of the gifts. Browse through our online shop and let us inspire and excite you. Or you can visit our flagship store in Landsberg and take a closer look at the many different gifts. We wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season with lots of anticipation.

A good start to the festive season is the Advent calendarwhich can be used to build a Vespa 150 from 1965 bit by bit. The time until Christmas Eve flies by. After all, it's often the little things that bring joy. A Lighter Zippo style, a cool Patch for the jacket, a Magnet for the fridge or a Keychain. Even the household can be spiced up with our ideas: Doormats make it immediately clear to every visitor what the residents' hearts are beating for. Towels beautify the bathroom in winter and attract attention at the lake in summer. The stylish Posters are not just for the garage or workshop, but can also impress in a frame in the living room.

In the kitchen Tea towels, Mugs and the matching Coasters create a Vespa atmosphere. One Tin sign becomes a real eye-catcher and if you then stand at the stove in the stylish Apron and casually serving a glass of wine - your guests will be Wine your guests will be thrilled. In the meantime, the table can be set with corresponding Napkins can be laid. Salt & Pepper and the Italian pizza is ready to be served. cut up with a Vespa can be served. We wish you bon appétit! After this culinary highlight, one naturally has the Vespa bed linen the most beautiful dreams.

What can't be paid for at all with money, but is made visible by the perfect gift? Shining children's eyes, of course, and for kids we have quite a few things in our programme: With the great Models Vespas and cars are great to play with. And with the Vespa by LEGO a joint project for big and small can be started. With a Children's scooter the little ones feel like mum or dad on their two-wheeler, plus the matching cheerful Children's helmet and a snazzy T-shirt - and the Vesperisti is ready.

But of course we also have clothes for adults in our range. Monotonous Socks socks are replaced by kick-starter socks with strong motifs and numerous T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps and hats give every scooter look the finishing touch. A high-quality Helmetcombined with Jacket and Jeans, for a ride on your scooter or motorbike, are perfect gifts not only for Vespa fans. If you also present the fashionable Bag or the practical Backpackevery occasion will be saved. As if that were not enough, most things can be presented so beautifully with our Wrapping paper so beautifully that you won't even want to unwrap them.

The examples mentioned are only a small selection from our range. At SIP Scootershop, everyone can find a gift for family, friends and scooter fans. And if all the strings should break and the presentee would rather decide for themselves - that's exactly why we have the popular SIP Vouchers (25, 50 or 100 euros) on offer.

But now we have told you enough. We hope you enjoy choosing the perfect gift.