E-SCOOTER from GO!MATE - award-winning and stylish

GO!MATE - When five idealists join forces and design an e-scooter, all creative minds will leave their mark. At least that's what happened with the company GO!MATE from Schleswig Holstein, which received the "Red Dot Award" for its design in 2018. And rightly so, in our opinion, because the e-scooters from GO!MATE impress with their extraordinary design. But not only!

  • Top quality Made in Germany (Schleswig Holstein)

  • Design with distinction

  • High-quality and lightweight e-scooters with solid components

  • Incomparable Streetsurfer Feeling due to large wheels and multi-glued footboard

GO!MATE - Great looks, strong performance

GO!MATE is committed to environmental awareness, because it wants to keep its own footprint in terms of energy consumption as low as possible. So it makes sense to build an e-scooter that meets all these requirements. Equipped with a 16-inch tyre at the front, the e-scooter offers a fantastic driving experience on and off the road. The latest model can be folded twice and transported in a space-saving way. And despite its luxurious equipment, the ER2 weighs just over 13 kg. If you really want to be on the move with a special e-scooter, you should choose a vehicle from GO!MATE. A truly new feeling when cruising.