E-SCOOTER - for the daily way to work or for cruising

You want to buy an e-scooter and can't find your way through the product jungle? How do the vehicles actually differ and which e-scooter suits me? To make it easier for you to choose, we have categorised all e-scooters. We have looked at and evaluated all the important criteria for the respective areas of use. These include, for example, weight, range, folding size, motor power, etc. It is important that you think about what you mainly want to use your new scooter for before you buy it.

E-Scooters - The different models

The world of e-scooters is colourful and diverse. Some countries have licensing restrictions. In our class up to 20 km/h, we have e-scooters available for you that are certified according to eKFV. These are approved for German road traffic and should not have any problems with registration in most European countries. However, it is best to find out in advance which regulations apply in your country. In Germany and Switzerland, the maximum speed is 20 km/h, in Austria, e-scooters are approved for speeds of up to 25 km/h. In each country, there are also technical specifications. In each country, there are also technical requirements that the scooter must meet (see also our chapter on eKFV).

We distinguish between the following e-scooter designs:

  • E-scooter, 20 km/h, approved in Germany

  • E-Scooter, 20 km/h, approved in Switzerland/Italy

  • E-Scooter, 25 km/h, approved in many EU countries

Our E-Scooter classes - an overview

There is a suitable e-scooter for every need:

  • E-Scooter Last Mile/Cityhopper: You're often out and about in the city and want to take your e-scooter with you on the bus/train or to the office? Then you will find what you are looking for here.

  • E-Scooter Cruising: This category is just right for you if you want to go on longer trips and ride comfortably.

  • E-Scooter Cross/All Terrain: Are you looking for that extra portion of e-scooter fun, e.g. off-road? Then you've come to the right place in the FUN category.

Want to find out what type you are and how to find the perfect e-scooter for you? In our blog post Buying Advice 2020 you will find all the information you need.

Our top e-scooter brands

  • Stylish products, developed in Hamburg

  • Very good workmanship

  • Many victories in independent tests

  • Stylish products

  • Fair price

  • Good workmanship

  • Sophisticated technology from the industry leader

  • Super range

  • Best price-performance ratio

  • Top quality: Made in Germany and design with distinction.

  • High-quality and lightweight e-scooter with solid components

  • Incomparable Streetsurfer feeling due to large wheels and multi-glued footboard

  • The only legal off-road scooter in Germany

  • Very powerful 48 V 500 Watt motor with 800 W peak power

  • Cross tyres, shock absorbers, wide footboard for lots of fun!

  • Very good price-performance ratio

  • The "cooler e-scooter company" with the claim to bring the "coolest" e-scooter in the world to the market

  • Accessories like mobile phone holder integrated, good features