E-bike tuning with Badass at SIP Scootershop

small box, big effect

Badass - Badass eBikes GmbH has been a leader in e-bike tuning for several years. The so-called "badassBox 4" is developed and built in Hösbach in Lower Franconia. All work steps are carried out in-house to ensure consistently high quality. BADASS also attaches great importance to sustainability: the boxes are made from a castor oil-based material with the help of 3D printers.

The badassBox 4

More than a year of development work has gone into this box. The housing is smaller than its predecessor and tight installation situations should thus be a thing of the past. With the new patented snap lock, the badassBox can be fitted and removed very quickly. An optional fastening device by means of cable ties rounds off the new design. The CR2 battery is no longer needed; the badassBox now gets its juice from a AAA battery that can be replaced without tools. Each badassBox is checked for correct function before and after casting.

The badassBox is placed on the speed sensor of the e-bike and removes the 25 km/h limit. When the badassBox is removed again, the e-bike is in its original condition. The badassBox transmits a modified signal without contact, without electrical connection to the motor, without intervention in the motor electronics or software, in order to exceed the speed limit. It is not necessary to open the motor in an elaborate way. There is no risk of damage. The badassBox can be fitted and removed in seconds, returning the e-bike to its previous, legal state. With all these advantages, a wrong speed, as well as values derived from it, are displayed due to the principle.

  • Contactless e-bike tuning

  • Slim, design-protected housing

  • Patented snap lock

  • Fuse option on the housing

  • Potting compound from the automotive industry

  • Double quality control

  • Made in Germany

IMPORTANT: The badassBox 4 only supports pedelecs with a mid-motor (motor installed in the area of the crank/pedals) and motor support up to 25 km/h with 250 watts continuous power, but no S-pedelecs (motor support up to 45 km/h) and no hub motors (motor in the area of the wheel axle at the front or rear).

SOFTWARE: Firm ware updates/upgrades are, despite the manufacturers' promotion of new features, better battery management etc., at the same time gateways for their unwanted features, which take away or limit the choice for tuning. At present, no upgrades/updates of the engine firmware should be carried out in order to preserve the choice for tuning/original condition. This also applies in particular in connection with workshop work on the e-bike.