E-bike tuning at SIP Scootershop


Tuning has been a hot topic for owners and riders of e-bikes and pedelecs for several years. At SIP Scootershop you will find comprehensive information about motors, tuning modules, tools and much more. Read through the information at your leisure and you will certainly find the right tuning option for your e-bike or pedelec.

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The restriction to 25 km/h and the "wall effect" are annoying restrictions in the long run that unnecessarily slow down the pedelec and e-bike. Of course, they make sense in city traffic, but for cross-country rides or tours in the mountains, each rider should decide for himself how fast he wants to go. Of course, pedelecs and e-bikes should be designed for higher speeds, but that is usually the case, because even without tuning assistance, speeds beyond 25 km/h are quickly reached with muscle power. Who brakes penetratingly downhill? Who stays constant at 25 km/h when descending a pass?

Only the permanent stress of pedelecs and bikes through high speeds should be avoided. Material fatigue is possible. When you return to normal traffic, tuning should generally be switched off. Pedelec and e-bike tuning is an interesting way for responsible riders to push their two-wheeler to the limits and experience a whole new experience.


It should be noted that the operation of this type of modified electric bike on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The dealer accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of tuning products. Electric bicycles equipped with tuning products must not be used on public roads, cycle paths and squares. Electric bicycles equipped with tuning products may only be used on private property and at your own risk.

  • Tuning may not be operated in road traffic or within the scope of the StVO!

  • The operation of a tuned e-bike or pedelec is not permitted within the area of validity of the StVO!

  • Tuning can lead to the loss of the manufacturer's warranty.

  • Liability, warranty and guarantee claims against the dealer or manufacturer of the e-bike expire or are severely restricted.

  • Use the tuning at your own risk and peril!

  • The manufacturer as well as the dealer assume no liability for damage to objects and/or persons caused by improper use of the product.

  • Damage caused in connection with the operation of the e-bike is no longer covered by private liability insurance after installation.

  • Due to operation at higher speeds, the e-bike is subject to higher mechanical stress for which it is not designed. This results in additional safety risks.

  • The installation and operation of the module is at your own risk. The manufacturer as well as the dealer do not assume any liability for damage related to the operation of the unit.

  • Before installing the unit, you should inform yourself about possible further technical and legal consequences.

  • We strongly recommend the use of safety and protective equipment to avoid injuries at higher speeds.