E-bike tuning by manufacturers at SIP Scootershop


Tuning for e-bikes and pedelecs really took off around 2013. More and more tuning specialists entered a booming market and worked on breaking the speed limit of 25 or 45 km/h. There were different approaches. There were different approaches: While some tried to manipulate the software used, others tapped into the data exchange between engine and sensors. Of course, the manufacturers of the drives are constantly trying to immunise their engines against tuning, but so far their lead has always been made up and as of May 2021 there is actually a suitable tuning variant for every engine.

At SIP Scootershop, we offer tuning options from the following manufacturers:

The manufacturer from the Czech Republic has gained experience in the production of tuning chips since 2014. Its modules are installed directly on the motor and are suitable for all YAMAHA motors.

The Italians are the only manufacturers of e-bike and pedelec motors who also offer tuning modules. The range includes modules for the YAMAHA PW and PW-X series.

TLI Elektronik GmbH from Ehekirchen in Bavaria offers state-of-the-art tuning modules for many YAMAHA motors under the "VOLspeed" label. These modules do not require a PC or smartphone, all settings can be made via the various displays. Another special feature is the "dynamic mode", which softens the so-called "wall effect".

The tuning specialists from near Freiburg have concentrated on Bosch and Yamaha drives for e-bikes and pedelecs. The modules are installed directly on the motor and impress with their self-calibration for all tyre sizes and the permanent display of the actual speed ridden.

E-bike and pedelec tuning from Lower Franconia. The so-called Badass Box is not installed on the motor, but simply attached from the outside and works with many YAMAHA motors. Version 4 is the latest model and offers a range of over 7,000 kilometres.


The Czech manufacturer builds tuning modules for the engines of many well-known manufacturers. They are characterised by clever functions such as a chip lock or the "Still On" mode. The motto "Max Speed Off" becomes the programme at PearTune. The selection is large.


It should be noted that the operation of this type of modified electric bicycle on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The dealer accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of tuning products. Electric bicycles equipped with tuning products must not be used on public roads, cycle paths and squares. Electric bicycles equipped with tuning products may only be used on private property and at your own risk.