BREAK THE LIMITS! E-bike tuning with Speedbox at SIP Scootershop

SPEEDBOX - Ebike Electronic s.r.o., a Czech manufacturer based in Prague, has been producing tuning chips under the "SpeedBox" label since 2014. The company focuses on the production of high-quality chips and thus wants to put the consumer's comfort in the foreground.

The company started with the SPEEDBOX 1.x and has been developing steadily ever since. In the meantime, version 3.x of the module has been released and offers almost everything that e-bike or pedelec riders could wish for. All modules remove the speed limit of 25 km/h, but only since version 2.x have the current values such as speed and kilometres travelled been shown correctly in the display and no longer halved. With the latest development "B.Tuning", there is a connection of the e-bike or pedelec to a smartphone app. For example, motor and riding data can be analysed, the motor lock can be activated and tuning can be completely hidden.

We offer these SpeedBox tuning modules:

SpeedBox 3.x / B.Tuning

SpeedBox 3.x is the most versatile series, which removes the 25 km/h speed limit, displays the actual speed and at the same time allows you to select any maximum speed.

  • Speed limit setting

  • The display shows the actual values

  • Compatible with the SpeedBox App (B.Tuning)

SpeedBox 2.x / B.Tuning

The SpeedBox 2.x models ensure the removal of the speed limit and display the actual speed.

  • Distance of the speed limit

  • The display shows the actual values

  • Compatible with the SpeedBox App (B.Tuning)

SpeedBox 1.x / B.Tuning

The speed limit is removed.

  • Removal of the speed limit

  • The display shows the current values

  • Compatible with the SpeedBox App (B.Tuning)

SpeedBox 3.x B.Tuning

SpeedBox 2.x B.Tuning

SpeedBox 3.x

SpeedBox 2.x

SpeedBox 1.x

Removal of the speed limit

Display current values

Speed limit setting

Motor lock

Hide tuning

Analysis of engine and driving data

Supported motors

Bosch (incl. 4th generation), Flyon, Giant, Yamaha, Oli


Bosch (incl. 4th generation), Flyon, Giant, Yamaha, Oli

Bosch, Yamaha, Giant

Bosch, Shimano, Panasonic, Brose, Bafang, Impulse

The SpeedBox App

The SpeedBox App

The new B.Tuning product, which is Bluetooth compatible and perfect for pairing with a smartphone, makes your e-bike even smarter with the SpeedBox App! Once the app is downloaded and your smartphone is connected to the e-bike, all current ride data and parameters are shown on your smartphone's display. You can save the rides that are most important to you, compare them with your friends and monitor your progress so that you can enjoy the ride to the full and postpone checking the parameters until a later date.

SpeedBox B.Tuning is not only a helpful accessory, but also offers you a detailed overview of your performance - even when other sports apps present rough estimates. Thanks to the SpeedBox app, you have access to absolutely accurate data, as this is read directly from the control unit of the e-bike and cannot have a deviation of up to 20% compared to other apps.

The SpeedBox App functions at a glance

  • Control of the tuning

  • Setting the speed

  • Saving and displaying ride data

  • Switch off tuning

  • Engine lock

  • Engine diagnosis

Here you can find all information about the SpeedBox App.