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Spare parts for LML Star 125-150 CVT Automatica

The Vespa LML Star 125-150 CVT Automatica is a scooter that has been built and sold with a continuously variable, automatic V-belt transmission since 2013, based on the blueprints of the Vespa PX. The Indian manufacturer initially continued to produce this scooter with a manual gearbox even after the collaboration with Piaggio, after which the Italians also relaunched the Vespa PX. This in turn prompted LML to convert the Star to a four-stroke engine with automatic transmission. The gearbox was developed by the Italian supplier Adler S.p.A. The engine and gearbox were installed on the left rear of this model. Therefore, no spare wheel can be carried under the wheel cover. Here you can find more about the history of LML in India.

Variomatic: What is a CVT transmission?

This is a continuously variable automatic transmission and the abbreviation CVT stands for "Continuous Variable Transmission", which translates into German as "continuously variable transmission ratio". This transmission does not require any gearshifts or interruption of traction.

Technical data

  • Coupling bell Ø inside 109 mm, Ø outside 122 mm

  • Clutch Ø outside 102 mm

  • Torque drive/converter Ø 134 mm

  • Variator Ø outside 97 mm

  • Belt pulley incl. sprocket Ø 122 mm

We offer many spare parts and accessories for this model: Side covers, brake drums, disc brakes - just to name a few. We have original parts from LML in stock as well as new developments from SIP Performance, Spiegler or RMS.

Here you will find spare parts and accessories for the smallframe version for LML Star Lite 125-150 CVT Automatica.