Seat bench, swinging saddle, seat cover - for Vespa & Lambretta at SIP Scootershop

Most old Vespas have been exposed to the elements for years. From blizzards to desert storms, just about everything sweeps over a scooter. In the process, the seat benches in particular take a beating. They fade, become porous and eventually tear. The foam soaks up moisture and gives you a wet backside every time you ride. Then, at the latest, it's time for a new seat.

The seat release works either via a lock or a lever/push button at the end of the seat. For 2-man operation, a strap/handle for the pillion passenger is required by law. This is pre-mounted on all benches that are approved for 2-man operation. All benches of the same model series are interchangeable. This means that you can fit a seat that was originally fitted to the Vespa '98/MY to all other PX/PE models. This also applies to all Smallframe models. Take off the mono seat and replace it with a double seat, there is enough room for the pillion passenger. But it's up to you whether you want to fit a GS seat on a PX. In order to make it easier for you to choose the right part for your restoration, we have given each part a model designation that indicates the vehicle on which the part was originally fitted. Seats from PASCOLI as well as PIAGGIO and SIP Style stand out due to their high-quality workmanship and correspond almost completely to the original in shape and colour. Perfectly crafted spring core with thick foam mat for high seating comfort, clean seams and high-quality seat cover. First choice for a restoration in original condition.

Seats for Vespa 150/160GS, 180SS and T5 models are no longer available from PIAGGIO. Here we supply original equipment quality Made in Italy! PIAGGIO preferred to use dark blue and black for all models. For all those who prefer something cheaper and for whom an original seat is too expensive, we offer all common seats from the accessories as replicas. These differ from the original only in small details such as the seam pattern and the thickness of the foam mat for the spring core. Our favourite for anyone looking for an inexpensive bench seat. All benches are made of high-quality, weatherproof imitation leather. If a different bench spigot is needed for assembly, it is included.

Swing seat

At that time it was common for both rider and passenger to sit on a swinging saddle or seat cushion. Bench seats were only fitted as standard on the 150 GS and later model series or were only available as accessories from PIAGGIO. Swing saddles convey the typical 50s / 60s look and also look good on many models where they were not fitted as standard. The high seating position is a bit unusual at first and gives a slightly spongy feeling, but once you get used to it, you won't want to miss it. We recommend combining it with the matching colour seat cushion or rear swinging saddle. Rear swinging saddles were never fitted as standard, but they offer a nice alternative to seat cushions.

Seat cover

Often, the seat frame of a 30-year-old barn find is still in good shape, but the seat cover is past its prime. Scuffed surfaces and torn seams are not cool, even on a patina box, and should be replaced with a new seat cover. Replaced in a few easy steps, the seat looks like new. If you prefer something a little cheaper, you can fall back on the version from the accessories. These often differ only in small details such as the course of the stitching or the thickness of the piping.