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Lettering - for Vespa & Lambretta at SIP Scootershop

Lettering is the icing on the cake of any scooter. The variety here is enormous. There is one for almost every scooter model. In addition, there are letterings in different colours or materials. Everyone will find something to suit their taste.

The lettering differs depending on the scooter model. We have lettering for classic Vespas up to 1948, Motovespa, Allstate, Messerschmidt, ACMA, Hoffmann and Lambrettas, but also for all Modern Vespa, many Ape, Scooter and Maxiscooter.

You can get a good overview by either loosening your vehicle type filter or entering the search term "lettering" in the search.

If you are not sure which scooter model you ride or which one is the right one, you can check the following criteria when choosing a lettering:

  • Attachment

  • Dimensions

  • Material

  • Name

Different fastenings for the lettering

If the lettering is fastened with rivets , we indicate the number of rivets and thus the number of holes in the lettering. Lettering with pins for the front leg shield is also riveted. Here we describe the number of pins and their hole spacing. This can also be straight or staggered. If the hole spacing is offset, the position of the lettering on the leg shield is diagonal. We have special adapters for our riveting pliers for both types of riveting, so that the assembly is perfect.

Rear lettering is mounted with locking plates. Some of the original lettering was only glued on. Others, like the Vespa U, are only painted on. The lettering on the newer models is usually made of synthetic resin and is self-adhesive. In addition to the attachment, the lettering differs in length, width and thickness.

The right colour makes all the difference for lettering

In the 1950s, the lettering on Vesps was chrome-plated or painted green, followed by midnight blue - almost black. From the mid-60s, the colour changed to polished silver/aluminium. In the 70s, the typical Vespa script was abandoned. The lettering was now straight and in lower case. It was only with the Modern Vespas and the PX'98 that the script was reactivated.

If you want to do a restoration, pay attention to the purpose "Note 1 - true to original restoration". These come from elaborate small series.
We carry inexpensive variants under the notes "Note 1- perfect repair". These are then e.g. black, instead of midnight blue or instead of metal self-adhesive, these are only stickers. Sometimes we also have colour variations that did not exist originally, but still fit nicely with some paintwork. We then mark these as "Accessory - very nice" to avoid confusion.