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SWIING - Innovations for the motorbike

SWIING - The Swiss company is part of the moped cult empire. The guys and gals have revived the cult of mopeds, called "Töffli" by the Swiss, and have been supplying the world with everything needed for these two-wheelers for a few years now. They supply the custom market under the label 66Heroes, spare parts come from GPO and SWIING stands for their own developments. So Mofakult can supply everything from a single source.

SWIING keeps the cult alive

Thirty years after its peak, the moped scene is experiencing a remarkable renaissance. Mopeds that had long been forgotten are being rediscovered and repaired. It was discovered early on that many spare parts for older models are difficult to obtain. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that enthusiasts of these vehicles still have access to all the spare parts they need. Processing customer feedback, existing expertise and implementing new ideas ensures that SWIING maintains this special culture.

SWIING operates with a strong customer focus. This means that customer feedback and suggestions for improvement are actively incorporated into the development process. In this way, ideas become initial sketches and drawings that are eventually transformed into innovative components. Throughout the development process, SWIING places great emphasis on the robustness of the products and on maintaining the customary Swiss quality standards. SWIING uses state-of-the-art CNC technologies and the most advanced processes for production. They only bring components to market that have undergone rigorous testing during the prototype phase. Only those parts that have successfully proven their functionality and durability are released for production.

SWIING at SIP Scootershop

Whether it's a v-belt pulley, flange, intake manifold or high-quality disc brake - the products from SWIING make the wishes of the moped scene come true. The designers in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, make the name their programme, because SWIING stands for "Swiss ingenious". This quality standard has convinced us at SIP Scootershop, so that we can recommend the parts from SWIING to every moped fan. Here is a small excerpt from our range:

Conclusion: The professionals in moped parts are bringing many exciting new products to the market with SWIING.

Photo: © mofakult AG