Trekstor Engineered In Germany

For more than 15 years, TREKSTOR has demonstrated a keen sense for the trends and innovations in the areas of information technology and consumer electronics. As an internationally ambitious, medium-sized company with roots in the Hesse region of Germany, TREKSTOR doesn’t only develop and market its products in Germany, it also does so successfully in Europe and overseas.
With its e.gear range, TREKSTOR has launched a range of e-scooter models that impress with their excellent price-performance ratio and offer some interesting technical features. We were particularly impressed by the exchangeable battery system, which offers considerable advantages, especially for urban use. This allows the battery to be easily removed and taken into the home for charging.The product development and sales are managed at the headquarters in Bensheim. In combination with its in-house quality management in its countries of manufacture, TREKSTOR guarantees the required level of quality and gives its products the ""ENGINEERED IN GERMANY” seal.
SIP-Rating: TREKSTOR develops solid products with an exchangeable battery system for a reasonable price.

The top 3 reasons for TREKSTOR:

  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Engineered in Germany
  • Exchangeable battery system