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SIP SPARE PARTS - Spare parts for Vespa & Lambretta

With the articles from SIP Spare Parts, we create alternatives for original parts that are out of production or in the lower range in terms of quality. Whether gasket sets, degree discs, special tools, batteries or even rims - SIP has adapted to the market situation and reproduces precisely these items in small series.
This is very time-consuming, cost- and labour-intensive and sometimes not always economically viable. But we have a great love for the Vespa and will do a lot to ensure that these wonderful scooters can no longer be ridden due to a lack of spare parts or bad parts. And without spare parts there is no Performance & Style.

  • SIP's own developments

  • Improved quality

  • Genuine alternatives for original parts

  • Perfect for restoration

A few examples of the many SIP SPARE PARTS

Seals and gasket sets
Sealing kits and gaskets are manufactured in the latest materials such as aramid fibre or fluoroelastomers. Made in Italy. So even oldtimers can enjoy the innovations in sealing technology.

Wiring looms
There are many suppliers, but none who are as detail-oriented and obsessed with perfection as our supplier Sebastian Kirchner from Austria. Even for the craziest combinations or small series, he lovingly handcrafts the best cable harnesses on the market for us. That's why they are also marked first class.

Stator Plates
Plug&Play breaker ignition base plates handmade, measured and tested. On newly cast aluminium plates. For all those who do not want to convert to electronics. E-ignition enthusiasts, however, will also find what they are looking for and the transition to SIP PERORMANCE ignition is smooth.

The SIP PREMIUM crankshafts are new editions of the original crankshafts which have been out of production for a long time: Wideframes, Rally 180, T5, PK125, GS ... all our shafts are Made in Italy. Perfect materials with the best workmanship.

Gear parts, nuts and bolts
Mainshaft and gearwheels, engine bolts and pole nuts, spacers for brake drum and clutch. The many small and large parts without which progress would be impossible. Highest quality is close to our hearts here. Because we also hate screwing on the side of the road.

The SIP maintenance-free micro-fleece batteries are bestsellers. Partly with higher starter power. Pre-charged and ready for installation.

PIAGGIO used to offer very nice special tools for Vespa. Almost priceless. Mainly for the official workshops. You can't order them anymore. That's why we have reissued them. Together with many other tools and on-board tools that can only be found at SIP.

Attachment parts in sheet metal and plastic
Leg shields, luggage compartments and fan wheel covers in sheet metal. Cascades, steering head or engine covers in plastic. New and expensive moulds are made for these. They are cast, injection moulded, drawn. The quantities are usually small. But what good is the most beautiful scooter if such eye-catching, visible parts are no longer available?

Cable kits
Premium cables with PTFE cover. The look of the cover is identical to the original, grey or in sporty black. The preliminary stage to the Performance cables.

Brake shoes
Modern, softer brake pads with better deceleration for the original drum brakes of the classic scooter models.

Conclusion: For all those who want to restore their Vespa or scooter and attach great importance to quality in spare parts, the SIP Spare Parts products are the ideal alternative.