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SIP SERIES PORDOI - The heart of the Dolomites beats to the Vespa beat

SIP SCOOTERSHOP - The Dolomites are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. The associated Pordoi Pass, with its 2239 m altitude and countless bends, is one of our favourite routes. Driving fun in front of an incomparably picturesque backdrop. Reason enough to name our in-house accessory line after this pass: the SIP SERIES PORDOI.

  • In-house brand from SIP Scootershop

  • High-end quality and perfect appearance

  • Problem-free assembly

  • Constant further development

SIP SERIES PORDOI - And you can buy style!

About three years ago, we noticed that there were hardly any accessories for Modern and Classic Vespas that matched each other in terms of colour and style. Too often, converted Vespas look like a colourful patchwork quilt that, in the worst case, causes eye cancer. Our product designers have tackled this dilemma and created the SIP SERIES PORDOI. From the sports lever, to the swing arm and rim, to the fuel cap, the Vespa can now have a uniform and coherent look.

Today, the SIP SERIES PORDOI comprises over 150 products: high-quality accessories and add-on parts for Classic and Modern Vespa scooters from a single source. All SERIES PORDOI articles are designed in-house at SIP Scootershop. Of course we know that a cool look is not everything. That's why we use materials of outstanding quality and produce with great attention to detail. SIP SERIES PORDOI is the result of our concentrated experience from many decades of enthusiasm and fascination for Classic and Modern Vespas.

Our designers and engineers use the latest CAD and CNC techniques to create innovative scooter accessories. In doing so, we pay strict attention to ergonomics and manageability. Every owner of a Classic or Modern Vespa must be able to assemble SIP SERIES PORDOI products in a few simple steps. The end result of our development process is a harmonious collection of products that complement each other.

SIP SERIES PORDOI is constantly being developed. Our product designers not only have many creative ideas of their own, but also pay attention to feedback and wishes from our community. In the future, we can expect some new accessories for Classic and Modern Vespas that will perfectly match the existing series. The SIP SERIES PORDOI takes the interplay of perfect looks and high quality to a new level.

SIP SERIES PORDOI - Spoilt for choice

It is rarely difficult for us to recommend a product, because SIP SERIES PORDOI includes so many different accessories and add-on parts. We can only advise you to browse through our shop using the search term "Pordoi" and let yourself be surprised and inspired by the results. Are you missing a product in our shop? Do you have an idea what could enrich SIP SERIES PORDOI? Send us an email or leave a comment. We look forward to your suggestions.

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