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SIP Legal - Scooter parts with road approval

At SIP Scootershop, we don't just buy original parts and repackage them. We discover gaps in the market or inaccuracies in fit and do something about them. SIP's own products have been around since 1994 to make screwing easier for everyone. SIP's own products are only articles for which we have created and developed the mould, the design or the prototypes ourselves. Only when these requirements are met does a product receive one of our SIP logos. With the brands SIP Performance, SIP Spare Parts, SIP Style, SERIE PRO, SIP Legal and Repro, we bring improved scooter and above all tuning parts to the market, because SIP has stood for Scooter Innovation Parts from the very beginning.


Excellent Vespa or scooter equipment with an ABE or parts certificate is hard to find. Really? Not here! Our SIP Legal products are supplied with an ABE and therefore have road approval. In order to obtain the general operating permit for shock absorbers, rims and tuning kits, we and the GTÜ as well as the KBA have subjected the articles to extensive tests.